3-Minute Read: Meet the Skincare Device Sephora Can't Keep in Stock

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DermaFlash - Sephora Best-Selling Beauty Products

According to Sephora customers, you should—it's the top-selling skincare device at the store right now. Touted as a (very) user-friendly solution to at-home dermaplaning, the Dermaflash ($189) uses a three-step system to prime your skin, slough away dead skin cells and debris, and soothe any irritation and redness. Basically, it's like a fancy facial in one very savvy tool—which is why customers are all about it.

And trust when we say that in general, dermaplaning is our best-kept secret for a flawless-looking complexion. By effectively exfoliating any peach fuzz and dead cells away, face-shaving doesn't just give skin an impossibly smooth finish, but it also allows products to absorb deeper. The Dermaflash is one solid option; a designated blade is another if you're on a stricter budget. Check out our full tutorial for the latter, and shop our favorite tools below.

If you've ever found sad music to be hugely cathartic, there's fascinating research to back that up. A new study published in Scientific Report connects the dots between music and emotional response—whether that's crying or, say, getting goosebumps. The verdict: It really does give our mood a boost.

And now, it's time to extend the charcoal trend to your mane. Nancy Twine, the founder of buzzy haircare line Briogeo, tells The Coveteur that the It ingredient is the next big thing in the market. Charcoal's porous quality can help sop up sebum and dirt that's irritating the scalp—and we know that a healthy scalp is the key to gorgeous strands.

You've already locked down the menu for your reception, but have you thought about what you'll be eating earlier in the day? Head over to Style Me Pretty for a list of foods that'll give you an extra beautifying boost.

It's actually called "earthing," and the idea is that it allows for a deeper connection to the planet. Sounds too woo-woo for your liking? Head over to Goop for an expert's take on how the practice might help with insomnia, anxiety, and more.

Dermaflash Exfoliasting Device - Dermaplaning How-To
Dermaflash Facial Exfoliating Device $189
Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool
Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool $75
Tinkle Brow Razor
Tinkle Razor $5

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