I Tried Michelle Phan's Terrifying Trick for Plumper Lips


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I am a willing and able beauty guinea pig. My MO has always been that I will try anything once. I’ve gotten acupuncture on my face; I’ve locked myself in a sensory deprivation tank. The #KylieJennerLipChallenge? Been there, done that, and still have the bruised selfies as proof.

Which brings me to… my lips. Many of the wacky treatments and products I’ve tried have involved plumping up my pout (no injections, though—promise), because it’s just my thing: the aspect of my appearance that I’m not crazy about. My lips aren’t the thinnest in the world, but they’re on the small side—and vaguely asymmetrical, enough to drive me crazy. On most days, some expertly applied lip liner does the trick, but I’ll never say no to the opportunity to give them some more oomph.

So when I read Michelle Phan’s profile on Into the Gloss recently, I digested this little tidbit as a precious gem: “For lips,” she said, “I’ve been doing micro-needling with a derma-roller that I get from Switzerland. … Within two days you will notice right away that your lips will look bigger because the collagen will grow back.” She said that she preferred this process over fillers, and BAM: I was sold. Keep scrolling to see if the treatment worked for me!