Exclusive: Derek Lam on Why His New Fragrance Line "Breaks the Mold"


Cindy Ord/Getty

In our current culture of endless scrolling, the idea of just one signature scent can feel antiquated—which is why Derek Lam’s 10 Crosby scents make so much sense. The collection features not one, not two, but 10 unique scents, each inspired by a moment on Crosby Street in New York, where Lam’s office is located. “I think the whole concept behind the fragrances was to really break the mold of what people would expect a designer to create,” Lam told me before a press event for the fragrances at Nordstrom. “People expect a designer to create one signature scent, but I didn’t feel that was the most modern way to go about it.”

Anyone who’s worn perfume can attest to its power—spritzing a fragrance can at times feel like putting on a battle uniform or slipping into a dress meant for seducing. Its ability to lift spirits, evoke memories, and transform one’s sense of self transcends the material, which is exactly why Lam sees his fragrance line as less about finding one “signature” and more about perceiving each one as part of an ever-changing wardrobe. There’s Silent Street, which evokes the “quiet, poetic moment in New York after it snows,” according to Lam, and Blackout, inspired by NYC’s two summer blackouts with notes of chai tea for a “sexy, unexpected” quality. If fruity scents are more up your alley, try Drunk on Youth, the mint-green bottle that houses a crisp apple- and honeysuckle-based scent meant to remind you of “when everything is just really head and happy and [going in your favor].”

Whichever scent you choose, Lam wants you to remember one thing: “I think a woman should always smell in the moment. She should smell of herself.” So go on and spritz your way to your best self—whoever she may be in the moment.

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