Are Your Armpits Addicted to Deodorant?

The other day a friend texted me: "I think my armpits might be addicted to deodorant." I laughed (i.e., texted her back "hahaha"), to which she replied, "No seriously! I swear that the more I use it, the more I sweat, and more needy my armpits get for it. Like, I feel the need to put it on the minute I get out of the shower." Cue my eyebrow raise and an instant ChapStick connection. You know the ol' notion that the more ChapStick you use, the more chapped your lips get and the more they crave it? Vicious cycle. It had me wondering if there was any truth to it, so I reached out to Osmia Organics founder and deodorant expert Dr. Sarah Villafranco for the sweaty scoop. Keep scrolling to see what she said!