Denim Bermuda Shorts Are Back—Here's How to Style Them

Sophisticated, comfortable, and oh so versatile.

bermuda shorts


When I think of denim shorts, I think of the iconic little cutoffs you can find walking down any street on any day in the summer. I personally favor the cutoff’s slightly more mature cousin, the Bermuda. I find denim Bermuda shorts more comfortable (they don’t ride up to cause that infamous leg pull every time you stand up, for instance), and they are just as versatile as shorter styles. They look good with so many pieces and give you enough coverage to play with proportions. Below, find seven denim Bermuda shorts-based outfits to get you started on how to style them.

With a Scarf Top

A longer pair of shorts with a little top on the hottest summer days is one of my personal favorite outfits to wear. I prefer shorts with a bit of room in the thighs—I like the silhouette they make as they flare out a tiny bit at the knee; plus, they’re far more comfortable in the heat. I wore mine with a silk wrap top and sneakers on a walk, but with a quick change of shoes (from sneakers to summer heels) and adjustment of the top to make it less cropped, this could be an ideal dinner outfit.

With a Bodysuit and Flats

Denim Bermuda Shorts Outfit with Bodysuit and Flats


Imani Randolph’s styling here is one of my favorite Bermuda shorts looks. She wears her mid-wash denim Bermudas with a tight tank (you can also try a bodysuit or even a one-piece swimsuit), as well as some cool, easy flats and everyday jewelry. It’s easy enough, but you’ll look so cool doing it.

With a Collared Top and Loafers

Blanca Miró’s outfit here is so easy but also so put-together. With white shorts, a collared knit. a neck scarf, and loafers, she looks like she is coming from a work lunch, ready to go get drinks. I want that!

With a Feminine Top and Summer Heels

Nana Agyemang perfectly executed one of my favorite ways to dress up a denim Bermuda short: with an airy blouse (the more voluminous the better) and some cool, summery heeled sandals. Yes, she’s wearing jean shorts, but she dressed them up to make them evening appropriate.

With a Tee and Sneakers

I love how Kellie Brown styled her white Bermuda shorts here: with a nautical stripe, some easy sneakers, a trench coat, and fun accessories like hoop earrings. She looks so classic and put-together. I love the cool white sneakers she chose, but I also must make a personal recommendation: I love wearing Bermuda shorts with a Vans sneaker or similar slide-on pair.

With Tall Boots and a Tee

This denim Bermuda shorts outfit is just so cool. It's so good because of the silhouette: high boots that hit just below where the baggy Bermudas end, finished with an easy baby tee. Come fall, you could continue wearing such an outfit, throw on a cardigan or blazer, and march on.

With a Bra Top and Long Layers

More perfectly executed silhouettes. Sylvie Mus is wearing my ideal denim Bermuda short: high-waisted, wide through the leg, and in vintage, medium-wash denim. They simply ooze coolness. Paired with a bra top or bikini top and a long top layer (you could try a linen long vest or oversize linen button-down on hotter days), the proportions are perfect. She finishes off the look with a modern heeled clean black sandal. Impossibly good, this outfit creates summer vibes rain or shine.

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