Beauty Influencer Deepica Mutyala on Inclusion in the Industry


Getty Images

It's clear that the beauty industry is moving in the right direction. The past couple of years have seen major brands rethinking their messaging to become more inclusive: Newcomers like Milk Makeup broke the mold with how we define beauty. Fenty Beauty's phenomenal success proved that shade inclusivity was exactly what the industry needed. And brands like Cover FX continue to stand by their expansive shade offerings—knowing before the trend that embracing diversity is how to best serve your customers.

Coinciding with the launch of Cover FX's new Power Play Foundation, available in the 40 unique shades the brand's been offering for some time, beauty vlogger and founder of Tinted, Deepica Mutyala, joined forces with Create & Cultivate to host a panel of key players pushing for change in the beauty industry. Before she led the conversation, we sat down with Mutyala to hear more of her thoughts on the state of the beauty industry today and what changes she's working toward with Tinted.