This "Becalm" Balm Uses CBD to Soothe Everything from Burns to Stressed-out Skin

Consider your skin woes "salved."

Deawy Becalm Burn Balm


We think we speak for everyone when we say that searching for ways to decompress has become the top priority in our self-care regimen. Let’s face it, the everyday stress of an ongoing pandemic coupled with an emotional election cliffhanger has us on edge. And honestly, any product that takes the guesswork out of healing is definitely a godsend. 

Seemingly answering our prayers, Julia Ruiz and Diana Saadeh who recently launched their new vegan beauty brand, DĒAWY, featuring a do-it-all savior: Becalm Burn Balm ($55). The star product promises to help you nourish your entire body with the calming benefits of CBD.

For years, CBD has taken over the beauty market thanks to its healing properties that promise to be anti-inflammatory and extremely hydrating. As you could imagine, this is why most celebrities have begun to seek solace in the cannabinoid.

According to the best friends-turned-founders, knowing the healing benefits of CBD was the inspiration behind the all-natural products that can be used from head-to-toe. "We want to show how effective CBD is and what it can do for your skin—especially in the upcoming winter months," the duo shares with Byrdie exclusively.

After working closely with registered professionals to run clinical trials and provide much-needed data regarding the effect CBD has on healing skin, the pair were left with a line of luxurious products that nourishes the body. They note, however, extra efforts went into the "Becalm" balm.

"The goal was to create an everything balm," explains Ruiz. "We wanted our customers to be able to handle everything from a pimple to a bug bite with one jar."

Becalm Burn Balm
DĒAWY Becalm Burn Balm $55.00

Mission accomplished. Along with the undeniable power of CBD that packs a wide variety of fatty acids that are essential in skin healing and regeneration, other highlighting ingredients of the miracle product include grapefruit seed extract that boasts antiviral and antibacterial properties. “Burn balm is what our medical director is using on patients for post-laser procedures, surgical incisions, and things like that,” says Saadeh of the balm's true strength.

Thanks to the blend of all-natural ingredients, the balm can be used to heal ailments, such as dryness, itchiness, flakiness, cracking, minor burns, and scrapes. This proves to be very beneficial for areas that may need a little TLC in the cooler months. Think: eyebrows, lips, hands, cuticles, elbows, split ends, and even your heels. 

Byrdie news editor, Jazmine A. Ortiz, is personally a fan of DĒAWY's Becalm Burn Balm. "No burns necessary to use this product. I keep the jar on my at-home work station, right next to my tea," she shares. "That way, I remember to moisturize my lips, hands, and even swipe some across my cheekbones to look a bit more fresh-faced during a day of back-to-back Zoom calls. It stops chapped lips and skin in its tracks."

With 2020 full of twists and turns, that seem never-ending, we may need this more than ever. We suggest taking a luxurious warm bath—maybe with a few rose petals or bath salts—before applying the balm to experience the ultimate relaxation, intense hydration, and relief.

DĒAWY's sustainability efforts don't go unnoticed either, because there's nothing more stressful than piles of cardboard, papers, and filler—all of which the brand streamlines—to dispose of after practicing some self-care. Individual product boxes for the glass bottles are replaced by a light layer of biodegradable wrapping. The brand also plans to give its bottles nine lives through an initiative it calls DĒ-CYCLE. A simple email from consumer to company prompts a return, refine, and reuse cycle empowering participants to take control of their waste. Here's to taking control where we can.

To shop the first five products from DĒAWY, visit their website

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