Listen Up, Beauty Industry: This Dear White People Actress Has Something to Say

Netflix's hit satirical comedy Dear White People chronicles a group of black college students at a predominately white school. Through realistic scenarios and a dash of humor, the show touches on cultural and societal racial issues that people of color fall subject to, especially when they are the only ones in the room. Ashley Blaine Featherson, an actress on the show, collaborated with black-owned beauty brand The Lip Bar to continue spreading this incredibly important message of diversity through an empowering campaign. 

The Lip Bar is a vegan, cruelty-free brand aimed at challenging linear beauty norms and pushing for inclusivity. The Lip Bar offers healthy ingredients and showstopping shades that work on all skin tones at a price that's accessible to everyone. Featherson's messaging in this campaign represents The Lip Bar at its core: a brand that is shaking up the beauty industry's not-so-inclusive past to do better.