Work Can Be Stressful, But These Beauty Products Help You Keep Calm


The Chriselle Factor

It's no secret that the workplace isn't the most calming location. Whether it's last-minute deadlines, a stressful commute, or just the general hum of the office that's got you buzzing, it's safe to say the office isn't exactly a sanctuary. To help you feel a little more zen at work and beyond (because you're still juggling a social life, trying to get enough sleep, and fit in a workout class or two, right?), we searched the internet for the products that promote a more relaxed and calm being.

These desk-friendly essentials offer a discreet uplift to your day. Our de-stressing remedies? Soothing oils, calming diffusers, face mists, supplements to promote overall well-being, quick-fix tools to cover up your lack of sleep and help soothe a puffy face, and of course, a slew of products to help you remove the day and proactively fight against wrinkles and fine lines caused by stress.

Feeling anxious? Opt for lavender-filled products in the form of a diffuser, face mist, or oil as the scent itself is a natural stress reliever. Running on little to no sleep? The soothing face rollers will help to calm puffy, tired skin while brightening your overall complexion. Brain fog? These wellness supplements are filled with brain-boosting nutrients to have you more alert than yet another latte.

Scroll below and snag anything you need to make your desk and work life a bit more zen. 


Diffusers & Mists



Post-Work Essentials