Editors' Picks: 12 Day-to-Night Beauty Products for Summer

Is it just us, or do your social calendars start to fill up come summer too? Since we are on the go from Memorial Day weekend on, we have an arsenal of user-friendly beauty products at the ready to transform our looks at a moment’s notice. From easy-to-use stick bronzers to a foundation pen that delivers seamless skin in mere minutes, we’ve compiled Team Byrdie's favorite day-to-night beauty products for summer.

Summer makeup is supposed to be easy. So to spare you the trouble of deciding which products to throw in your purse for a midday refresh or evening transformation, we’ve come up with the best grab-and-go options for sun-kissed skin—most of which don’t even require a mirror. We told you it was easy, didn’t we? For the beauty products that can take you from day to night and through every hour in between, keep on reading.