This 30-Minute Treatment Gave Me the Softest, Healthiest Hair of My Life

In the past week, I’ve developed the annoying habit of constantly running my fingers through my hair, which might not seem like that big of a deal—except when I’m in a meeting or on a call or looking at dinner menu and suddenly realize I’ve been petting my hair like it’s some sort of soft baby Bichon for the past 10 minutes. I can’t help it. My strands are so soft, so slippery-smooth, that all I want to do is touch them 24/7. If this newfound habit is annoying for anyone in my vicinity, they can blame hairstylist David Mallett. For those unschooled, Mallett is the Australian-French hairstylist responsible for the manes of Natalie Portman, Diane Kruger, and Marion Cotillard, to name just a few. His two namesake salons in Paris attract a discerning clientele who flock to him for his mastery of the French off-duty style—that swingy, low-key-yet-polished aesthetic we Americans will never stop trying to re-create.

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