A Top NYC Dermatologist Answers All Your Dark Spot Questions

For many people, dark spots are a secondary skin issue. Let's say you have acne or forgot to dutifully apply sunscreen like you should have and now you have a slight burn. That can be frustrating enough, but what's worse is when your skin heals up only to reveal brand-new hyperpigmentation underneath. Suddenly you have another concern to address—one that's stubborn to treat.

If this sounds like your skin, don't worry. We have expert advice from the head physician and founder of the New York Dermatology group. His name is David Colbert, MD, and he practices medicine in Manhattan, though his influence extends far and wide both domestically and internationally (he's even a go-to skincare expert for Hollywood insiders).

Here he talks dark spot prevention and post–dark spot treatment. The latter includes treatments with buzzy ingredients like hydroquinone and glycolic acid. We've even recommended a few of our favorite brightening and lightening products of our own.