15 of David Beckham's All-Time Best Hairstyles

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David Beckham's hair is, dare we say, as noteworthy as his moves on the soccer field. He might just be one of the most influential hair chameleons for men in the last three or four decades. The soccer star turned fashion icon has pulled off so many different haircuts and hairstyles, it's almost too many to keep track of (but you can't blame us for trying). Even some of the 'dos that we look back at now and wouldn't want to see replicated again were of major influence in their time. Beckham's moves on and off the soccer field have proven to be nothing short of iconic.

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  •  Richy Kandasamy is a professional colorist and the co-founder of Rokoko Beauty.

Below, we've rounded up 15 of his most notable haircuts to date.

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Blended Fade

David Beckham Haircuts

Pablo Cuadra / Stringer / Getty Images

Our most modern entry in Beckham's noteworthy cuts is a classic. This perfectly blended fade transitions effortlessly between his facial hair and his longer razor-tipped length up top. The fact that his shorter edges are basically all salt and pepper now only enhances this already flawless fade.

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Side Part

David Beckham

Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

When your fade begins to grow out a bit on the sides, using a different product on your strands can totally transform your look. Swap out your matte pomade for something with more of a gel-like feel to it and a stronger hold (like The Men's Groomer's Pomade, $15) to create a new shape. Two finger scoops and some minor brushing upwards will give you that lifted volume upfront and will have you looking as classically handsome as Beckham in no time.

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Tousled Tips

David Beckham

Clive Mason / Staff / Getty Images

Even amidst the biggest of hair trends, Becks has always put a unique spin on things that sets him apart. In the mid-2000s, what guy didn't have tousled tips? This was majorly trending and the style was at its peak, but even now, Beckham wears his 'do uniquely tousled and shaken up when most were wearing their bleached tips in sharply gelled spikes.

This look — complete with highlights — can still work even all these years later. Just go for a more natural look, says professional colorist and R + Co. Collective member Richy Kandasamy. "Using your roots as a guide, select a color shade that is as close as possible to your natural color," he says.

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Modern Fohawk

David Beckham Haircuts


Fohawks aren't too frequent a request in the barber's chair these days, but somehow Beckham has seemed to reinvent this cut into a much more on-trend 'do. This modernized fohawk isn't as dramatic as its predecessors, but it's definitely more than enough of a statement, and we're totally here for it.

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Sleeked to Tightness

David Beckham Haircuts


Instead of using a brush, trade in those bristles for a fine-tooth comb and you'll have much more control and much smaller strokes in the style you create. Going sleek and tight like this pairs well with a clean-shaven face, and can truly be worn on any hair length. That fine-tooth comb will give you all the precision you need.

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Straight Back

David Beckham

Chris Jackson / Staff / Getty Images

So you may not be a professional stylist with the perfect technique of flicking your wrist as you hold a small round brush in one hand and a loud, heavy blowdryer in the other. No sweat—thanks to small barrel hot brushes, you can put this user-friendly tool to work and get a look very similar to the one Beckham has here.

This volumized straight-back style is great for anyone with hair that's mid-length to long on top. Over direct your blowdryer brush, lifting up and away in the shape of a large circle, and finish off by raking through the hair with a little bit of matte pomade that's been rubbed between your hands. Rub your palms along the sides of your hair too, right above the ears, to give a tight finish that accentuates the work you did up top.

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Mullet Length

David Beckham

Fred Duval / Contributor / Getty Images

How on earth does Beckham make a mullet-length haircut look fabulous? By keeping the sides around the ears and hairline tighter, but still blended into the rest of the length. While most mullet haircuts have a much tighter distinction between the length at the top of the head and the length at the bottom near the nape of the neck, Beckham keeps it long throughout, yet still polished and not overly scruffy. The casual side sweep up top is pretty cool, too, wouldn't you say?

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David Beckham

Zhizhao Wu / Contributor / Getty Images

Keeping his length longer up top is the key to Beckham's success in versatile hair styling. With more options for parting and directing, all that length can be used to create a variety of good styles, like the pompadour-inspired look seen here.

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Buzz Cut

David Beckham

George Pimentel / Contributor / Getty Images

Has a buzz cut ever looked so good? All one length, all the way around. This cut is easy to achieve and super low maintenance due to the fact that anyone can do this cut themselves at home with the help of a good clipper and the right size guard.

The lower the number on your guard, the shorter the hair is going to be. If you aren't totally sure how short you want to go, start off with a 3 (3/8") and make your way down to find your comfort level. Better yet, use a cordless clipper that has color-coded guards and length reminders for your reference. We like the Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer by Wahl ($29).

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Bono Vibes

David Beckham Haircuts

Goffredo di Crollalanza / Contributor / Getty Images

Alright, maybe it's the shades or the blinged-out hoops, but this look seems to be screaming Bono. And let's face it, Bono is legendary. (As is Beckham's hair, right?) While this isn't our favorite of all his looks, we'd be remiss not to include it—because who on earth can pull off such an avant-garde haircut with barely-there sides, short spiky tips up top, and a most noticeably chiseled out front section? It's kind of iconic.

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David Beckham Haircuts


The length on top is key to bangs like Beckham's, and so is the way it's cut. Ask your stylist to use a razor up top, which will help remove some of the weight and also add a little texture to give the hair movement and separation. Even when it's laying down flat and brushed forward, it still has that piecey-ness on the ends that makes it look so good.

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Long Top

David Beckham

Jason LaVeris / Contributor / Getty Images

Move over Alfalfa: This forward-facing, front-leading, pointed tip 'do swaps out the stiff for the soft and makes this shaggy, slightly grown-out cut somehow look extremely charming.

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David Beckham Haircuts

Elsa / Staff / Getty Images

Beckham didn't see length as a barrier to his game, and it was a cut and style he embraced even while sweating profusely on the field.

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David Beckham

Jun Sato / Contributor / Getty Images

The look has become a key go-to cut for men and women everywhere over the years, and it only makes sense that Becks wore this cut during his soccer days — adding an undercut, as heavy hair on the neck would've been a total (and literal) drag. Removing hair on the underside of the head eliminates tons of unwanted weight without losing that hard-earned length.

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David Beckham

Samir Hussein / Contributor / Getty Images

Sometimes the hair color speaks for itself, and we like to believe that's a part of the statement he was making with this look circa 2007. A super clean cut and modest facial shadow give this style a sharp, chiseled feel. Oh, and his wife was soon to follow with a matching bleached-out pixie.

To get this look, turn to the experts. "You have to visit a professional colorist though so they can match your color more precisely than home products," says Kandasamy.

  • How often should men with short hair get a trim?

    For super-short haircuts (think buzz or crewcuts), you'll want to get a trim at least once a month. For medium-length haircuts, a trim every one to two months should suffice.

  • What styling products are necessary for David Beckham-style hair?

    To recreate David Beckham's signature tousled look, you'll want to invest in a high quality hair gel (one with flexible hold is best).

  • How do you bleach hair like David Beckham's?

    It's important to know that bleaching your own hair at home is risky; while it's best to leave a full bleach to the professionals, there's less risk in highlighting or dying portions of your hair. Try the dpHue Blonding Brush ($28) for a lighter look without all the hassle.

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