The New French At-Home Peel That Cleared My Spots Overnight

Updated 04/27/19
Darphin resurfacing peel review: Model smiling

Regular Byrdie readers will know that I'm obsessed with the glow-boosting power of a good at-home facial peel. The liquid formulas slough away dead skin cells to leave the complexion looking smoother and healthier. They also to help clear the way so your serums and moisturisers work more effectively. Essentially, they are my skin BFFs.

I have some favourites, but I'm always open to trying new peels. Enter Darphin's L'Institut Youth Resurfacing Peel With a Botanical Blend (£49), which landed on my desk this week. Now, truth time: I don't wear oil on my face, because it always causes me to breakout, so that counts a lot of Darphin products out of my bathroom cabinet (much to the joy of my colleague, whose skin loves oil). But this peel is an oil-free liquid, and it's a serious skin saviour.

After cleansing at night, I poured a little of this low-level glycolic peel onto a cotton pad before sweeping it across my face. Instantly, my skin tingled. It doesn't burn, but you know this is working in a very satisfying way. Not only did it remove the leftover traces of makeup, but my complexion instantly had some pep and vigour; it looked brighter and more even (in both tone and texture). I've been dealing with a couple of unwelcome visitors on my chin in the last week, hormonal spots that have really made themselves at home.

I paid a little extra attention to my chin, and we all went to sleep.

Next morning, not only did my complexion still look even and more energised (I put this down to the skin-renewing winter-bloom and chestnut extracts), but the spots on my chin were markedly improved. Where they had been raised, shiny and inflamed when I went to bed, they were now flat, dry and far less visible upon waking. It was as if the peel had acted like my very own hard man, to finally get those troublesome spots to move out of my chin where they had been residing.

Even my boyfriend commented on how good my skin was looking, and I wasn't wearing any makeup. Needless to say, while the spots may have gone, this peel will be residing with me indefinitely.

Darphin Resurfacing Peel
Darphin Resurfacing Peel With a Botanical Blend $49

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