How to Get Rid of Dark Circles, According to Beauty Editors

Ah, dark circles. The beauty ailment that seems to plague practically every single one of us. (If this isn't a problem for you, you're truly blessed.) Take it from someone who knows—I have genetic dark circles that never seem to go away and puffy eyes as well as under-eye bags for days—it's really tough to find products that work.

As beauty editors, we've tried most of them and much to our chagrin, only a few have made a difference. But when we find a product (or a product pairing) that works, we tend to hold on for dear life and shout it from the rooftops. So here I am, shouting our best and most effective tips and tricks from the proverbial rooftop. 

From cold spoons to eye cream to dermarollers—and a lot of concealer in between—keep reading for the techniques and tricks we’ve picked up over the years to rid our eyes of darkness, puffiness, and bags.

Have you tried any of our favorite remedies? Let us know your thoughts or leave your own tricks in the comments below!