17 Examples of Dark Brown Hair With Highlights to Bring to Your Colorist

While there are no rules when it comes to hair color, there does seem to be a universally agreed-upon pattern that most people follow: go lighter in summer and darker in winter, which makes sense considering that it mimics a natural seasonal fluctuation. That means no matter if our hair is bright blonde or a rich shade of auburn, the color will inevitably lighten underneath the summer sun, and darken again in the sun's absence. However subtly or dramatically it does so depends on your hair's original color and type. 

For some people, this means that effortless highlights or a natural sun-kissed balayage effect will develop over the course of a summer. For most people, though, that aforementioned lightening effect is much more subtle—maybe just a tone or two brighter than the original color. (Yes, we're looking at you, brunettes). If this sounds like you, but you still crave natural-looking dimension and summer-y bronzed highlights, it's time to book a salon appointment, because expert colorists know just how to achieve your desired result. Keep scrolling to see TK examples of natural-looking brunette highlights, courtesy of some of LA and NY's most revered colorists (seriously, these people are masters of their craft).