Dark Bimbo Is the Vampy Aesthetic Set to Take Over in 2023

Think: '90s Angelina.

Gabbriette wearing black dress and black sunglasses

@Gabbriette / Instagram

The year 2022 was the year “bimbo” went from a negative to a positive. Fueled in part by TikTok, the word became a declaration of self-love, embracing what makes you special and celebrating that uniqueness in a big, no-holds-barred way. Bimbos, himbos, and thembos were all welcomed to channel their inner Elle Woods or Dolly Parton and be themselves, despite what the world says.

Of course, when you think “bimbo,” you probably think of stars like Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson, with lots of big, blonde hair, tight outfits, and glamorous makeup. Anderson herself is having a resurgence; her beauty looks from the ‘90s became a huge trend on TikTok after the Pam & Tommy miniseries, though Anderson was not involved with and does not support the project. The Baywatch icon is currently taking control of her own story with the release of her memoir, Love, Pamela, and accompanying documentary, Pamela, A Love Story, which is 2023 bimbo behavior at its best.

While the bombshell look will always be a major part of our cultural lexicon, another bimbo aesthetic has been creeping up, and this vibe is much darker than the sunny, bubbly blonde look.

The “dark bimbo,” as we’re calling it, is best explained in Euphoria terms. If Sydney Sweeney’s character Cassie is the stereotypical blonde bombshell in her bright colors, shimmery makeup, and hyperfeminine outfits, her (former) best friend Maddy, played by Alexa Demie, is the other side of the coin, preferring sleek silhouettes, sharp winged eyes, and slicked-back hairstyles.

It’s not about blonde versus brunette, though; this vixenish look is more about indulging your dark side and embracing your seductive powers with a hint of danger running underneath. Think Angelina Jolie at her most slinky and glamorous in Mr. and Mrs. Smith or even the aforementioned Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire in her black leather corset and skintight leather pants.

While the “dark bimbo” look definitely aligns with the bombshell allure of stars like Jolie, Anderson, and even Sophia Loren, it also harkens back to a literal century ago. The look echoes the vamps and flappers of early Hollywood movies like Theda Bara and Louise Brooks; think lots of eyeliner, skinny or bleached brows, dark lips, and sharp-angled bob haircuts or shiny black hair. 

Model and musician Gabbriette is a modern example of this up-and-coming aesthetic, what with her pencil-thin brows, sultry lined eyes, and signature smoldering glare.

Her fellow model Amelia Gray also transformed her look to align with the aesthetic, bleaching her full brows into skinny dark arches (or erasing them entirely) and wearing lots of shiny black latex and leather. Kylie Jenner loves to flirt with the dark bimbo look, as does Demie when she’s out of character. 

This glamorously goth vibe isn’t hard to DIY at home; you don’t have to bleach your brows or pluck them into oblivion to take part unless you want to. Smoky eyes or stiletto-sharp cat eyes are a must, as are lined, dark lips. 

Your wardrobe is important too. The dark bimbo aesthetic requires slinky all-black silhouettes, like corsets and bustier tops, pencil skirts, dark jeans, and mesh tops, for starters, though you can get creative with it; pops of blood red and baby pink are encouraged too. Don’t forget a spritz or three of your favorite sexy scent to enhance your allure.

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