Dancehall Queen Spice Shares the Story Behind Her Signature Blue Hair

In honor of Caribbean Heritage Month, we spoke with the icon about all things beauty.

Spice Musician


A wig closet filled with hundreds of custom blue units could easily be mistaken as a beauty obsession. For recording artist Spice, it's much more than that. Instead, it's a representation of her brand that she's been building for nearly two decades and an eye-catching crowning expression of her legacy as the "Queen of Dancehall." 

In case you missed it, blue hair transformations dominated our social media timelines with celebrities like Ciara, Saweetie, and Lady Gaga providing an icy approach to Pantone’s Color of the Year (2020)

With a room purposefully dedicated to her 100+ wigs—each custom colored various shades of blue—there is no doubt that the Jamaican-born singer had a role in the inspiration behind the trendy look. "I am actually one of the first artists from Jamaica to sport bold, vibrant colored wigs," Spice, born Grace Hamilton, shares with Byrdie. 

In honor of Caribbean Heritage Month, we spoke to the entertainer and beauty entrepreneur to learn how her culture influences her beauty choices, what blue hair means to her, and her beauty business. Ahead, learn more about the iconic musician.

On How Jamaica Influences Her Beauty Choices

"Jamaica is such a beautiful island with such a vibrant culture. I absolutely love my culture—from the beautiful people to the clear, blue water. Everything is surrounded by the refreshing blue water—it all influences my beauty choices from my signature blue color hair, down to my beauty regimen."

On Her Beauty Routine

"My Caribbean roots definitely influence my beauty routine. I keep my face moisturized and hydrated because skincare is so important to me. 

"Water is key! I drink a lot of water to keep my skin hydrated. I wash my face daily with Faces and Laces' Guitar Organic Face Wash ($25). I love that it is ideal for all skin types and is infused with aloe vera, coconut extract, and turmeric, which leaves my skin so soft, dewy, and supple.

"For moisturization, I use Faces and Laces' Organic Face Cream ($25). I swear by this product; it has really helped to improve my skin's elasticity and moisture retention."

On Why She Chose Blue As Her Signature Color

"My favorite color is blue, and I have been wearing it for over two decades now. To me, it represents both the sea and the sky, and it's a very powerful color—especially the dark blue—it signifies depth and power. The color makes me feel bold, brave, free, and in control."

On Her Extensive Wig Collection

"The last time I counted, I had reached well over 100 wigs. It’s probably 200 wigs now! I don't keep all of my wigs, but I have a wig closet at home that is separate from my clothing closet, and I cherish the wigs that I keep. Most of my wigs change with the seasons and I keep moving them out."

On Her Beauty Business, Faces and Laces

"People constantly praise me for my hair—that's what gave me the idea to launch my beauty brand, Faces and Laces which includes products for your face and full lace colored wigs that are as long as 60 inches!

"In the future, people can expect to see new products from Faces and Laces. We will constantly keep reinventing and coming out with new products that are trendy and hot."

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