How a Top Fashion Blogger Eats and Exercises Every Week

Jacey Duprie started her blog, Damsel in Dior, in 2009 and turned it into her full-time job in 2011. Although, as the name suggests, the site has a heavy focus on fashion, Duprie is a wealth of knowledge in areas we at Byrdie are most drawn to, such as fitness, health, and, of course, beauty. A tri-coastal travel junkie who splits her time between New York, L.A., and Texas, Duprie is an open book with a clean aesthetic and a keen eye for trends. Today, she’s outlining her entire diet and fitness regimen (and the threads she works out in, to boot.)

If you have been following along in my adventures on Snapchat (@damselindior), you may have noticed I’ve been slowly but surely working out again. After a three-month hiatus of throwing countless pity parties for myself, I bit the bullet last Sunday and went for a mile-long run. It was painful. But the more I work out, the easier it gets, and the easier it gets, the more I work out.

Now my weekly regimen looks something like this:

What do I do?

Monday: Morning indoor cycling class to get a good cardio sweat in. My favorite is Cycle House in Los Angeles.

Tuesday: Muscle definition with either a FlyBarre class or a training session with my favorite trainer, Chase Weber.

Wednesday: Cycle or run two miles.

Thursday: Muscle training repeated.

Friday: Lunch at Barneys. Kidding. But I typically take Friday off.

Saturday: Either a hike, a bike ride, or something that is easy yet active.

Sunday: Either a hike, a bike ride, or something that is easy yet active.

What do I eat?

The true answer? I eat what my body craves, but I am very disciplined with portion control. If I order a bowl of pasta, I will immediately box up half. And I’ll allow indulgences, but only once or twice a week. For example, one dessert is okay once a week. A bowl of pasta is okay once a week if it’s a small portion. I also eat very slowly so that I will not overeat. I once heard that it takes your brain 10 minutes to fully register that your stomach is full. Ever since then, I’ve been a slow eater. I also try to guzzle as much water as I can. I am also a very big believer in giving your body the necessary sleep it needs. No joke, I gain weight when I don’t get enough sleep. And if my stomach growls at 5 p.m. (which it tends to do daily), I grab a handful of almonds to temper any cravings. If I am really looking to drop some pounds, I go sugar-free—not entirely sugar-free, yet all processed sugar. I learned how to do this from the documentary Fed Up.

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