The No-Fringe Fringe: A Low-Commitment Way to Do Bangs

two images of dakota johnson with fringe hair side by side


Long before "curtain fringe" was trending on Pinterest, Dakota Johnson was nailing the hairstyle. The thing is, you can totally tell she has a fringe, but it doesn't scream "Bangs!" as much as a full fringe would. A bit of beauty investigation later, and it appears the actress is the queen of the low-commitment fringe. The longer length means that Johnson can part it any which way she likes or disguise it almost entirely (she basically has a whole wardrobe of hairstyles can she can pull from). It's kind of like the hair equivalent of the no-makeup makeup look, and we're coining it the "no-fringe fringe." You heard it here first, people.

easy fringe idea
Startraks Photo/REX Shutterstock

Here, Dakota has center-parted her fringe; it's not too neat, which makes it feel really effortless. The no-fringe fringe is a great face framer; it helps balance the face if you have a larger forehead. Get the look by smoothing over a long fringe with the GHD Platinum Styler ($250); the curved edges and heat sensors mean you can get a little bend in the ends. You don't want your fringe stick-straight!

easy fringe idea
John Salangsang/ Shutterstock

The no-fringe fringe is the same, but the slightly warmer tone to Dakota's hair adds a point of difference.

easy fringe idea
David X Prutting/ Shutterstock

A different event, a different look: This time, Dakota has opted for a side part that gives a more retro-glam feel when paired with the bold red lips.

easy fringe idea
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A slightly fuller-looking fringe here, the no-fringe fringe looks more like a traditional full fringe, but it's still not requiring the same level of commitment that a full fringe would. We're digging the waves through her mid-lengths and ends too, which makes her hair look thicker. Re-create these waves with the Babyliss Nano Titanium Curling Wand ($60) and finish with a mist of Ouai Volumizing Hair Spray ($26).

easy fringe idea
Krista Kennell/Variety/REX Shutterstock

You'd be forgiven for thinking Dakota didn't even have a fringe here! If you have a few layers in your hair you can easily disguise a longer fringe; you'll just need to lightly mist with hair spray like L'Oréal Elnett Flexible Hold Hairspray ($12) to hold in place.

easy fringe idea: Dakota Johnson with a grown out curtain fringe
Daniele Venturelli/Getty images

Slightly fuller and thicker looking, Dakota's fringe looks perfect here with her longer length hair. The extra weight and fullness in her fringe helps frame her face, and keeps the rest of her hair from weighing down her face. 

easy fringe idea
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Even though Dakota's fringe is slightly shorter here, she's still been able to blend it seamlessly for a no-fringe fringe effect.

easy fringe idea
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A quick sneak peek at the side and we're totally in love with her hun. That's our weekend hair inspiration sorted. Thanks, Dakota.

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