Daisy Lowe on Festival Style and Beauty Essentials

If you’re heading off to a festival this summer, chances are you will, in Daisy Lowe’s words, “panic pack.” It’s something Lowe has always done before decamping to a field. But not this year. This year she is prepared. “I’m obsessed with pinning things,” Lowe told us; she’s been pinning her festival inspiration onto Pinterest boards ahead of Glastonbury this week. “Pinterest has been really useful. It’s a great tool and resource of ideas. I’m a vintage lover, so I’ve been looking at incredible ’30s, ’50s and ’70s pieces. It’s also helped to remind me I need to take cashmere socks for cold nights and Compeed blister plasters!”

We grabbed 15 minutes on the phone to talk festival essentials and inspiration with Daisy Lowe. Keep scrolling for the model’s tops tips…

Daisy Lowe
Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

“So, it’s always really important to have wet wipes, deodorant, and fragrances. I’m a big fan of Byredo—I have the new one Rose of No Man’s Land. I’m obsessed with Gypsy Water in my hair; it’s beautiful. aAd Mohave Desert—which is actually a place near Coachella. I go and spend all my money on Byredo!”

Lowe likes to smell unique: “I love layering them all; that way no one smells entirely like you. I’ll spray one on the back of my neck, my chest and my hair,” she reveals.

As for makeup, Lowe keeps it simple: “I’ll be taking my Tom Ford Traceless Foundation and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage; I get hayfever, so it conceals the redness around my nose and eyes, especially important at Glasto where I’ll be in a field!”

“Evian water spray or Shu Uemura Rose Mist, as a refresh are great. Ooh and glitter—that’s a must! I’ve been playing with a few different golds from MAC and Tom Ford.”

Lowe has been using Pinterest to create mood boards for festivals that we can all take inspiration from this summer. “I do love an outfit change! I’ve had quite a lot of different ideas while pinning, from 1920s showgirl pieces all the way to Drew Barrymore ’90s grunge. I really want to try an ’80s "Flashdance" leotard scenario at some point!”

“There are so many different things you can do—we can go back to the original festival Woodstock and take inspiration from the floral headdresses, floaty hippie skirts, and beaten-up leather jackets. I’m a big fan of a dreamy ’30s dress with a cape, and ethereal, pre-Raphaelite, fairy-like looks. Florence [Welch] is a big advocate of the ethereal look while Alexa [Chung] has this ability to make a silver minidress, Barbour jacket and wellies look really fashion-forward and modern.”

“I love face paint! And I love that at Glasto, anything goes. For festival beauty, I like to draw inspiration from [makeup artist] Alex Box because at festivals you can completely express yourself and be a bit wild. In fact, she’s going to be my next pin! And then there’s the Courtney Love/Drew Barrymore/Winona Ryder ’90s smudged black eyeliner that’s a bit rough around the edges, which is great if you don’t want to be finding glitter in various orifices for the next couple of months.”

“About eight years ago, I wore these wet-look trousers with a blue "Jaws" T-shirt and these turquoise sunglasses. I loved the trousers, but I shouldn’t have paired them with that top. I was sharing a tent with way too many of my friends, and it’s like Middle-earth at Glastonbury. I went on Wednesday, and that outfit was on Saturday—I hadn’t had more than a couple of hours’ sleep since I arrived, and I make really poor decisions when I’m tired!”

Daisy Lowe
Jon Furniss / Getty Images

“The trouble is, at Glasto when the music stops, the sun comes out! I’ve pinned this picture of a "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" glamorous sleep mask and earplugs; this year I’m going with full-on earplugs and eye mask; I feel like that blue T-shirt and leggings were due to being exhausted.”

“I’m just so obsessed with Lianne La Havas; her voice has the most beautiful tone.” [Ed Note: Lianne played Glastonbury last year and will be headlining LeeFest Presents Neverland this July.]

“I hosted a karaoke night with this brilliant charity One for the Boys recently, and this incredible female artist came up on stage, Jaide. I instantly followed her on Instagram (@jaidemusic). Her music is unreal! Kind of hip-hop, ’90s R&B and then current—going into dance house. I’m not sure if she’s at any festivals this year, but she’s definitely worth a listen.”

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