Everything We Thought About Water Is a Lie

 Of all the beauty advice we've ever received, the No. 1 commandment is nearly always the same: Drink a ton of water. Models, celebs, athletes, and nutritionists alike tout the many benefits of H2O (beyond basic survival, of course), ranging from a slimmer waistline to a clear complexion. So color us shocked when news came out this week claiming that the basic guideline of eight glasses a day—what we always figured was the bare minimum—is actually highly unneccessary. Wait, what?

In his column for the New York Times, health writer Andrew Carroll cites a couple of studies that disprove the notion that we have to go out of our way to drink a ton of water. To be clear, humans do need about 2.5 liters of water per daybut the thing is, we can typically reach this goal just by eating, since most foods (especially freshly prepared meals) have a significant water content. 

Carroll goes on to note that there is little to no science backing the perceived benefits to drinking additional water (such as aforementioned better skin and slimmer physique). It's definitely mind-blowing, since the importance of H2O is something we always considered untouchable. But on the other hand, are we crazy for saying that we always feel better when we drink up? Call it the placebo effect, but it works for us. 

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