CYO Makeup Is the New "Hyper-Functional" Brand You Can Get at the Drugstore


CYO Makeup

More often than not, we can depend on drugstore makeup to come through in the clutch. So the next time you drop by Walgreens, keep your eyes peeled for the new cool-girl drugstore brand of the bunch: CYO makeup. The 160 product-packed collection is hard to miss, as it's decked out in bold shades designed for women who aren't afraid to have fun with beauty.

"CYO is challenging the norms of how beauty products are used—we're giving makeup a shake-up," said Lauren Consiglio who oversees CYO Cosmetics. "We've created an edgy line that doesn't break the bank and goes beyond your typical beauty boundaries. This is for the new generation of beauty lovers who want to create and re-create the many versions of themselves, we'll never say 'do this' or 'look like that'—instead we'll produce high-quality, functional products, that let them experiment and have fun."

Yes to that. What's even doper about this millennial-driven line is every single product is under $8. Yep, all 160 of them. You can do up your face, eyes, and lips without having to say goodbye to your paycheck. The product formulations are legit with extensive shade ranges too. Is this going to be the new Gen Z cult makeup line of the year? We're predicting these will fly off the shelves, so act fast before it's all sold out. Click through for more details on each product and shop the full collection here.