Cynthia Nixon Used This $29 Dry Shampoo to Style Her Pixie Cut

Get all the details on her And Just Like That… premiere glam.

Cynthia Nixon

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Many show reboots have debuted this year, but few have conjured up excitement the way And Just Like That… has. News of the Sex and The City revival has kept the internet ablaze all year, with legions of fans reminiscing on the show's iconic six seasons. Over the last few months, we've caught glimpses of the famous cast filming in New York City, which only heightened anticipation for the rebooted series. 

And now, after months of waiting, And Just Like That… is finally here. The cast celebrated with a New York premiere ahead of the show's December 9 release on HBO Max. Cynthia Nixon, who is reprising her role as Miranda Hobbes, turned heads on the red carpet with her glowing skin and chic pixie cut. And lucky for us, we have details on the actress' head-to-toe look. Ahead, find details on her skin prep and hair routine. 


Cynthia Nixon

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Nixon's makeup artist Matin Maulawizada focused on enhancing the natural radiance of her skin for the premiere. "Cynthia has been playing Miranda for so long, and this character has white hair now," Maulawizada says. "We wanted to bring Cynthia back for this premiere, modern, fresh and radiant." 

To prep her skin, he used the Pause Well-Aging Fascia Stimulating Tool ($115), Collagen Boosting Moisturizer ($72), and Eye Renewal Treatment ($78). "I worked these moisturizers into her skin with the fascia tool for about five minutes," Maulawizada says. "This gets the blood circulating and takes away extra puffiness."

After massaging her skin, Maulawizada a generous amount of the Pause Well-Aging Moisture Lock Ultra Hydrator ($65) onto Nixon's face, décolleté, and hands. "This is an amazing product. It's super light and luxurious, penetrating seamlessly into the skin," he says. "It isn't sticky or greasy, and it works beautifully under makeup."


Celebrity hairstylist Rebekah Forecast, who met Nixon during the third season of Sex and The City, cut the actress' hair into a crisp pixie cut earlier this week. "I've been itching to get my hands back into her hair," Forecast says. Forecast favored the cropped cut because it paired perfectly with the exaggerated high collar of Nixon's Christopher John Roger's dress.

To style her hair, Forecast used all Better Not Younger products. The brand, which formulates products specifically for women over 40, was also used to style Nixon's hair on set. During an interview on the Today Show, Nixon said: "[My hairstylist on set], Donna Marie, is using a hair product on me called Better Not Younger. If there was ever going to be a slogan for my character, [it’d be that.]"

For the premiere, Forecast used the Lift Me Up Hair Thickener ($34) throughout her freshly washed damp hair (not too wet, nor too dry) to build texture. She then applied the Heat Protection and Taming Spray ($32) onto her ends. Then, she moved on to drying and shaping Nixon's hair. "I blow the hair in an upward direction at first, for volume, then I shift to the direction that I want the hair to fall," she says. 

Once her hair was dry, Forecast used a GHD flat iron to enhance sleekness. To add a touch of shine, she ran a drop of the Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum ($47) through her strands. Forecast finished the look by working a bit of the Fresh Start Scalp Renewing Dry Shampoo ($29) directly to the crown of Nixon's head. "It fights natural oils and gives stability and hold to the look," she notes.

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