Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton of Chillhouse Takes Us Through Her Wellness Routine

Updated 04/16/19
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Welcome to Beauty Diaries, an exciting new series in which our favorite beauty bosses share their weekly beauty and wellness rituals for an intimate look into their lives. Next up, New York–based Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, the founder and Chiller in Chief of Chillhouse. Keep reading for a glimpse into her week and beauty aesthetic. Enjoy!

On the first thing she does in the morning…

"Sip water and then off to the bathroom! I drink so much water the night before, so I'm usually racing to the toilet in the a.m. Afterward, I hop on the shower, do my skincare, and drink green tea if time permits. Sometimes I prep a Clean shake when I'm trying to eat healthier. Otherwise, I pick up a light bite at our neighborhood café or Chillhouse."

On what she keeps handy to make it through the day…

"I keep many face mists at my desk, as well as my probiotics and daily vitamins. I'm usually running around from meeting to meeting, so I don't have a daily routine at the office other than just keeping products handy in case I'm feeling overwhelmed. I tend to pause, lean back in my chair, and test products out when this happens. We have beauty products sent to us daily, and I love using downtime to test and play. Sometimes I even command a team masking session with my girls."

On her workouts…

"If I could work out in the morning, I'm happiest! I try to go to the gym twice before work during the workweek and once or twice on the weekend. If I'm not at Equinox Printing House, I'm at New York Pilates, Y7, or some other fitness studio I'm excited to try."

On how she unwinds…

"I tend to organize a bit when I arrive so the apartment doesn't feel like a complete mess. A messy home stresses me out these days. We've also been decorating as part of a partnership with CB2, and my home is finally turning into my little sanctuary. It's only taken my whole life! Also, my husband and I have been cooking Blue Apron lately, and we like to eat at the dinner table (as a New Yorker, this is a blessing to have) and then head to the couch for some Netflix and chill time. Sometimes there's red wine, sometimes there's ice cream or popcorn, and sometimes, for me, there's a mask involved.

I'm currently into the Red Clay Mask from Monta. Oh, and there are always at least three candles burning. I'm a big fan of Maison Louie Marie, Boy Smells, and Sunday Forever candles. My current favorites are Boy Smells' Ash and Sunday Forever's 11:11."

On her nighttime skincare routine…

"Add these three products to your nighttime routine, people: Elemis's Peptide 4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil ($59), Caudalie's Vine[activ] Overnight Detox Oil ($50), and Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask ($45). Thank me later. If I have trouble sleeping, I've been using The Nue Co's Sleep Drops. They work like a charm. I've also recently added Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair to my nighttime routine. It's an eye gel that acts quickly against fine lines and other aging signs."

On her go-to wellness services..

"Aside from monthly massages and tri-monthly manicures at Chillhouse, I get pedicures at my neighborhood salon bi-monthly. I tend to throw in a chair massage every time too. Additionally, I have a mini portable infrared sauna at my apartment, and I sit in it about twice a month to sweat out toxins. I also schedule visits to see my mom monthly. She's an esthetician, so I see her for laser treatments and a body treatment or two. She has a couple of fancy machines that fight cellulite and fat deposits.

Also, any time I travel, I make sure to add a spa element to the trip. I went to a Russian bathhouse in London a week ago. It was incredible."

On how running a business has changed her self-care habits…

"I've learned to be easier on myself and to be easier on my body overall. I've learned that stress is a state of mind and sometimes it just takes a few deep breaths and a deep stretch to combat the feeling. I'm grateful for the daily reminders our brand provides to customers and audience but also grateful that it does the same for me. I was not as nice to myself before owning Chillhouse. I worked harder, not smarter, and didn't know the key to work/life balance. Shit, I don't know if I'll ever really know, but I'm getting a bit closer every day while also growing my little empire."

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