7 Cyber Streetwear Looks For Your Inner Cyber Girl

Model wearing headphones and Minga top

Minga / @lame.cobain

Y2K is alive and well. Thankfully, no matter your chosen aesthetic, it has something for everyone. If you’re a fan of baggy silhouettes, Matrix vibes, and sci-fi accessories, cyber streetwear, cyber girl, or “cybercore” is the perfect fit.

Like most streetwear trends, cybercore draws from Black fashion— you can look to Destiny’s Child and rappers Cam'ron or Nelly for inspiration. Categorized by its references to both pop culture trends of the 2000s and 2020s-esque techwear, cybercore is the perfect combination of nostalgic and futuristic. Below are seven cybercore outfits to try out for yourself.

Trendy Trackstar

Track jackets are a good staple for your cyber streetwear wardrobe. Not only are they versatile, their bright colorways are a perfect statement piece for an otherwise monochrome outfit. Pair with chunky platform sneakers and a PVC skirt and you’re ready to live out your sci-fi fantasy.

Big Sunglasses, Big Pants, Little Top

What’s cybercore without sci-fi inspired sunglasses? These yellow-tinted ones make the perfect accessory for any outfit. Add a bodycon top and baggy pants, AKA “little top, big pants” to finish the look.

Video Game Vixen

Graphics are an important part of the cyber vibe. Reminiscent of 2000s computer aesthetics, the more interesting, the graphic the better. Worn with a cargo skirt and a futuristic arm cuff, you’ll look like you just stepped out of a video game.

Baggy Silhouette

In order to get back to cybercore’s streetwear roots, we must embrace the baggy silhouette of the 2000s. Contrary to what you may believe, a baggy silhouette doesn’t always mean getting lost in your clothes. Wearing these cargo pants, oversized skeleton hoodie, and statement bag will undoubtedly make you feel confident.

Techwear Dreams

Naturally, cyber streetwear is all about the techy aesthetic. So these affordable headphones from Koss have become a very popular outfit accessory on TikTok. Not only are they a functional choice, they effortlessly add to the cybercore factor. Paired with a techwear jacket from Goldwin and a maxi cargo skirt, you’re ready to live your cybercore dream.

Going Cyber

This thermal pastel set from Miaou screams cyber aesthetics. It’s reminiscent of virtual art of the 2000s, all while being the perfect going out outfit. Paired with platform shoes from futuristic brand Grape, this look is perfect for cybercore fans who like a more feminine silhouette.

Matrix Madness

Of course, we must pay homage to The Matrix, which plays a huge role in cybercore aesthetics. PVC leather and tiny sunglasses can be very wearable for the everyday. However for this look, you have to go all the way and throw all of the pieces on together for the perfect Matrix-inspired outfit.

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