I Got So Many DMs About This $4 CVS Brand Shower Buy

A few years back, I was mindlessly watching a YouTuber show off her latest product haul, as college students do. There were the usual suspects in the bunch—new palettes, serums, etc.—but what intrigued me the most was a eucalyptus shower tablet. The YouTuber said she'd been feeling congested, but placing the tablet in her steamy shower made the tablet release a mentholated vapor, helping to loosen the mucus. As someone who loves wearing Vick's Vapor Rub even when she's not sickI knew purchasing them would be money well spent, especially considering they're a whole $4 for a box of three. The first shower I took with the tablet in tow, I was enveloped in a cloud of minty, herbal, sinus-clearing bliss, and life as I knew it changed for the better.

Lately, I've been hardwired to stay up until 1:30 or 2 a.m., so when a box of these same tablets came across my desk in a lavender scent, I figured a nighttime shower surrounded by a vapor of the calming herb would be just the sleep aid I needed. Assuming others might be interested, I placed the tablet in my shower, snapped a pic, and posted it to my Instagram Story.

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