11 Pairs of Cutout Pants to Show Some Skin in Style

The '90s trend you forgot about.

Cutout Pants Marcia


There’s something unapologetically nostalgic about pants with cutouts in them. NSYNC might as well still be together. Work emails on iPhones and screen time reports are figments of the imagination. But cutout pants are not only deeply nostalgic; they’re incredibly specific. With no aspirations of going from day to night, or from the office to a nice dinner with your partner’s parents, they generally stay in their lane.

Cutout pants signify an excessive sensuality all their own. If you’re intimidated by the trend, start small, and if you’re an old hand at cutouts, opt for something bolder. What makes trends like these manageable is biting off exactly as much as you can chew: stick to silhouettes you know you love, and bring a playful sense of balance to the rest of the look. But if full-blown '90s nostalgia is your sartorial calling card, fire up the crimper and dial up the internet. Ahead, see 11 ways to wear the cutout pants trend.

The Athletic Cutout

If you're apprehensive about the cutout pants trend, try it out at the gym. While you can try the matching top if you're a fan of the look, we also love a classic black sports bra for keeping things chic while you hold a plank. Worried you'll get cold feet mid-workout, or just wondering what to wear for warming up? Pairing the pants with your favorite oversized T-shirt will keep the detailing hidden, just in case.

The Black Denim Cutout

Another introductory way to approach the cutout pants trend is by wearing it in all black. Black denim, especially, is the ultimate way to try the trend while keeping a somewhat classic aesthetic. Pair with a chic bag for a bit of color to tie it all together. 

The Stretchy Cutout

For a slightly more trend-forward all-black look with cutouts, keep things casual and easy in a cropped sweater. Oversized hoops give the outfit just the right amount of '90s nostalgia. This look has almost everything—glitter pens and prank-calling your crush not included. 

The Almost Cutout

Gather round, millennials: This look is for those who are listening to the advice of TikTok, but secretly miss their skinny jeans. This medium denim wash is easy to wear with almost anything, and the waistband kicks it up a notch, elevating even basic tops.

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The Brown Knit Cutout

There's no reason wearing cutout pants can't be comfortable. These pants are the antidote to the tight, constrictive styles that have you switching immediately back into sweatpants as soon as you get home. The tiny, flared crop feels fun and easy.

The Crystal Button Cutout

For every comfort dresser, there's a person looking to lace up and embrace the maximalist empowerment the cutout pants trend embodies. Keep the rest of the look subdued to let these pants shine, and don't be surprised if they become your signature going-out piece.

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The White Belted Cutout

Nothing says effortlessly put-together like a built-in belt. Embrace the cutout pants look while keeping your cool this summer by pairing with an easy button-down or a bikini top straight off the beach.

The Chic Side Cutout

Another subtle approach to the trend involves the tiniest of details with the biggest impact. On these pants, the cutouts on either side keep the look feeling polished. Worn with a statement tank and of-the-moment heels, the look is a precise balancing act.

The White Denim Cutout

These structured denim pants welcome the cutout look without demanding a skin-tight fit. Balance the straight leg with an eye-catching corset top, then round out the whole look with trusty Air Force Ones or your personal favorite white sneakers.

The Marble Cutout

It's no secret that brown is happening in a big way. Lean into the '90s trend by trying out these knitted cutout pants. They're comfortable, unique, and an easy way to throw a lazy Saturday look into high gear.

The Cutout Set

We get it: You love cutouts, so work the trend for all it's worth and double down. This look works almost exclusively for evening activities, but it goes easily from a chic dinner date to the dance floor. White boots signal an effortless Wild West vibe.

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