19 Stylish Weed-Adjacent Items We Love, From Brands We Love

Dad Grass t-shirt

Dad Grass

America is undergoing a bit of a green tide. More than two-thirds of states now say that marijuana is legal either recreationally or medically, and President Biden has taken steps toward decriminalizing possession nationwide. It seems like Wall Street has also gotten on board, with more and more billionaires and corporations realizing that there’s money to be made in the marijuana business.

While all that could mean we’re well on our way toward boring old McMarijuana, we’re not there yet. There are still tons of cool small business owners working in the weed space, making products like pipes, one-hitters, CBD lotions, and even weedy wearables. That’s why we put together our guide to the crème de la pot, as it were: Here’s our list of 19 weed-adjacent items we love.

Pearl Cannabis Hair Comb
Smokies Toke Couture Pearl Cannabis Hair Comb $30.00

Everyone loves getting dressed up once in a while, whether it’s for a Friday dinner at the in-laws or a New Year’s night out. Add some weedy flair to any look with this pearly cannabis hair comb from Smokies. It’s the kind of thing that those not in the know might look at and simply admire, so Grandma will be none the wiser.

Mary and Main Flower Unisex Hoodie
Mary and Main Mary and Main Flower Unisex Hoodie $65.00

At just about 30 years old, Maryland’s Hope Wiseman has become the youngest Black woman to own a marijuana dispensary in the U.S. Her spot, Mary and Main, keeps Prince George’s County, Maryland supplied with medical cannabis, additionally providing a lot of guidance along the way to those looking to dip their toe into the green waters. That’s why we love this Mary And Main flower hoodie, which gives you a way to support the store’s righteous cause even if you’re not in the Old Line State. The super-soft hoodie comes in seven colors and a variety of sizes, too, so you can buy one for every day of the weedy week.

Gloopy Ashtray by Seth
Houseplant Gloopy Ashtray by Seth $285.00

Have you ever dreamt of owning an abstract ashtray designed by Seth Rogen? Well, here is your chance. Talk about a conversation piece.

Self Care Hemp CBD Box
Hollingsworth Hemp Self Care Hemp CBD Box $80.00

Boring old lotion gift baskets from the mall are tired. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for someone’s birthday or Mother’s or Father’s Day, why not shop small and get creative instead? Hollingsworth Hemp operates out of Seattle, where the Black-owned company specializes in CBD-infused lotions, candles, and bath salts. Their self-care box comes packed with lavender, bergamot, or grapefruit + rosemary bath salts, a moisturizing lemongrass CBD lotion, and a candle in the scent of your choice, including Orange Citrus, Seattle Hometown, or Black Girl Magic.

Buddy Customized
Budwell Buddy Customized $35.00

If you’re into the classics, grab a Buddy one-hitter, which is made of anodized aluminum and holds three to five puffs. It’s easy to conceal and clean, too. Best of all: You can actually customize the text on the side of your Buddy, meaning you can throw on a monogram, a joke, or even one of Buddy’s pre-determined quips, like “Abort the Supreme Court” or “High There.”

French Rose Pink Rolling Papers
Canna Style French Rose Pink Rolling Papers $3.00

Upgrade your joint game with a package of French Rose pink rolling papers. With 40 leaves in a booklet, they’re a steal at just $3, especially when you consider they’re slow-burning, flavorless, made with food-safe dyes, and the whole package is biodegradable.

Dad Grass x Mark McNairy Bucket Hat
Dad Grass Dad Grass x Mark McNairy Bucket Hat $40.00

Dad Grass is full of great merch (in addition to their flower, gummies, and tinctures), including this classic bucket hat, which even includes a spot for your...um, "golf tee." Their summery collab with Free & Easy is also worth checking out.

Broccoli X Katherine Plumb Blanket
Broccoli Broccoli X Katherine Plumb Blanket $159.00

If you’re the type of stoner who likes to spend evenings at home curled up watching movies while enjoying some good herb, why not up your cozy game with this adorable blanket from Broccoli and Katherine Plumb? The 100% cotton wrap is machine washable and entirely reversible in addition to being totally trippy.

Sullivan Set
House of Puff Sullivan Set $46.00

Still using the same old piece you’ve had since college? Level up with this Sullivan Set from House Of Puff. This coordinating cigarette holder and tamper/stirrer is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass and comes in marigold, cornflower blue, lavender, orchid pink, or light green. It’s delicate, trendy, and oh so sophisticated.

Aluminum Wave Lighter
Tsubota Pearl Aluminum Wave Lighter $39.00

Looking for a gift for someone, but not sure what to buy? Consider a nice lighter. Everyone can use one, whether it’s for a candle or a pipe, and it’s the kind of thoughtful item that no one buys for themselves but everyone would really appreciate. We love Tsubota Pearl’s wavy aluminum lighter, which is made in Japan and is easy to fill with a readily-available Zippo lighter.

Gold Blunt Ring Holder
Canna Luxe Co. Gold Blunt Ring Holder $25.00

All gold and classy, this rose-shaped blunt holder can help any smoker have a hands-free experience. There’s an adjustable clip so you can snag whatever size joint, and the little circle at the end means you could even put it on a chain for maximum portability.

Ceramic Cloud Grinder
Pipe Dreams Ceramic Cloud Grinder $55.00

Everyone deserves a cute grinder. This little cloud grinder has three chambers to catch kief, so you’ll get the best grind possible—and you’ll look good doing it. When you're not grinding away, show off this pretty piece on your coffee table.

Lava Lamp Bong
Canna Style Lava Lamp Bong $89.00

Feel your Brady fantasy with this green glass lava lamp bong. With cute rainbow 3-D hearts “floating” inside, this bong is both adorable and functional. It’s just about 9-inches tall, so it’s not enormous, and there’s a built-in percolator to help filter your smoke. If you’re not a bong person, it’s also available as a rig so pick your proverbial poison.

My Bud Vase Lotus $222.00

Could your home use a touch of class? Pick up a bong from My Bud Vase, which makes products that are so lovely that, with a few artificial flowers, unknowing visitors would never suspect the presence of paraphernalia. You can go as basic or as fancy as you want, and you can pick a Bud Vase to match your style or home aesthetic. These bongs are picture perfect.

Weed Out The Bad Vibes Hoodie
Sackville Weed Out The Bad Vibes Hoodie $90.00

Everyone needs a good repertoire of sweatshirts in their wardrobe. Add this "Weed Out the Bad Vibes" hoodie to your closet for something chic, comfortable, and subtle. Even better, 10% of profits go toward the SeekHer Foundation, which advocates and supports women's mental health.

Superette Bathrobe $90.00

Nothing beats a good robe. Superette's terry cloth robe is perfect for lounging around all year long, and comes complete with the brand's kitschy flower embroidered on the front.

Botanique Reversible Robe
Allume Botanique Reversible Robe $72.00

If you're looking for something a little more luxe, then look to this satin robe for the swankiest of stoners. Allume’s Botanique reversible robe comes in sizes up to 4X. While one side of the robe is a nice solid warm green, the other features a weedy kaleidoscope print, meaning wearers can choose just how much they want to advertise their pot preferences.

Heart One-Hitter Necklace
Edie Parker Heart One-Hitter Necklace $63.00

The '90s cord necklace trend is very much back, so why not get one that's useful? Edie Parker's One-Hitter necklace is the perfect accessory, whether you have some flower on you or not.

Ghost Ceramic Pipe
Rompotodo Ghost Ceramic Pipe $40.00

Halloween might be over, but ghosts are always around—at least if you believe in them. Make your smoking experience a little spookier with Rompotodo’s ghost-shaped ceramic pipe, which is hand-cast and made to order. You can even pick the face you like the best (we like the classic-looking spookster), but if you’re looking for something a little more ASCII-friendly, Rompotodo’s got you covered.

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