9 Maternity Outfits You’ll Legitimately Love Wearing

From loungewear to swim and pretty dresses for your baby shower.

Maternity outfits collage

Design by Amanda Lauro

I’d be lying if I said stylish maternity outfits anchor my pregnancy style. I’m crushed to admit it, but as a work-from-home freelancer, can you blame me? Besides, comfort is seriously important throughout the trimesters, no matter what—though especially so during the first and third. Most days baggy sweatpants, over-the-bump leggings, and comfy tees are my reality. However, at eight months pregnant, I have decoded a handful of formulas that are legitimately cute and comfortable, from moments like meals out with friends to easy errand looks and getaway vacation ensembles.

Among my go-tos? Stretchy, body-skimming dresses—a vibe I don’t typically embrace—to proudly showcase my bump, and maternity jeans with fitted sweaters for a similarly confident effect. When I’m craving something looser, flowy dresses (often with a bit of smocking) and oversize button-downs with leggings are versatile staples with polished ease. Then, of course, there are occasion-worthy looks for special moments, from the babymoon and maternity photoshoot to the baby shower requiring a lot of thought.

By going up a few sizes in many of my favorite brands, I’ve managed to wear most of my go-to silhouettes like puff-sleeve midi dresses and sleek swimwear, with a few iconic maternity labels in the mix, too. Ahead, witness nine of my favorite pregnancy outfits, all of which, no lie, feel infinitely comfier with larger undies, supportive maternity bras, and a belly support band once that bump gets big (a few little life hacks—you’re welcome).

A Bump-Enhancing Dress

Green dress outfit collage

Design by Amanda Lauro

For pregnant women and those who aren’t, Bumpsuit’s maxi dresses are blessings. The double-lined fabric is soft and stretchy, with a range of silhouettes from turtlenecks to simple tanks and spaghetti straps. I’ve worn mine throughout fall, winter, and spring, pairing them with everything from sneakers to ankle boots and sandals.

Maternity Jeans FTW

Maternity jeans outfit collage

Design by Amanda Lauro

Once you’re preggy, jeans are one of the first items to become a hard “no.” That is until you add a maternity-specific pair to your repertoire. Since most have stretchy panels that can irritate your bump, I’ve got a pro tip: Invest in over-the-bump underwear to sidestep discomfort. Are they the cutest? Perhaps, not. But trust, they’re a game-changer. Oh, and another nugget of wisdom: Bump-covering tops become few and far between once you’re past the six-month mark, and tucking in tops to maternity jeans gets weird when dealing with elastic panels. That’s where longer, fluid designs come into play— they’re easier to cover your bump and conceal the panels on your jeans. 

Right-Now Ribbing

Ribbed dress outfit collage

Design by Amanda Lauro

A ribbed dress is more than a trend, but a maternity hero piece. They’re flexible and fresh-looking, particularly in vibrant colors, while feeling oh-so-comfy with shoes of all kinds. For a sentimental finish, opt for a birth flower charm (I’ve been sporting a Lily of Valley in honor of my soon-to-be-born daughter).

Over-the-Bump Leggings

Leggings outfit collage

Design by Amanda Lauro

Your regular leggings might seem like a style you can comfortably wear well into your pregnancy, but the hard truth? Even your most high-waisted designs start to slip as your bump grows. For me, that felt incredibly uncomfortable, making over-the-bump leggings my absolute savior. I have a pair for every day of the week in various neutral shades, including black, grey, and brown. I wear them with everything from loose sweaters and flowy tops to oversize button-downs and sweatshirts—when your leggings fully encase your ribs, top options are endless. Finally, don’t forget the comfy bra—the only designs I can bear are buttery-soft and seamless.

Smocked Silhouettes

Smocked dresses collage

Design by Amanda Lauro

Smocking is another current trend conducive to baby bumps. This stretchy look is comfortable and flattering with options to suit every taste—think stretchy necklines and shoulder details on tops to waist-accentuating dresses and skirts.

Luxe Loungewear

Loungewear outfit collage

Design by Amanda Lauro

You’ll probably spend more than ever in your favorite at-home comfies while pregnant—hi, hello, it me. Pieces crafted from ultra-soft fabrics in modern silhouettes are a great way to level up the aesthetic and feel your absolute best when it feels like you’re living the 24/7 sweats life. Pregnancy life hack: I highly recommend a support band for aching backs and growing bumps, which you can easily conceal beneath slouchy sweats at home or for errands. 

For the Baby Shower or Maternity Photos

Baby shower outfit collage

Design by Amanda Lauro

A sweet and delicate dress is so darling for your maternity photos or a baby shower. Dôen’s lineup of California-elegant designs is among my favorite, whether pregnant or not. But happily, I’ve found silhouettes from smocked midis to empire-waist maxis suit a growing bump well for special moments, particularly with a cute pair of flats to keep the pressure off increasingly aching joints. Ground your look with ThirdLove’s Comfort Stretch Thong in a comfy size (I went up by two) for a not-so-thrilling but practical finish—the second-skin fabric is particularly delightful for a seamless, no-dig, breathable feel.

Work It Out

Work out outfit collage

Design by Amanda Lauro

Exercise is essential when you’re expecting, and rest assured, that doesn’t mean going as hard as you did pre-pregnancy. Choose maternity-specific activewear to optimize performance and comfort, whether for a leisurely walk, prenatal yoga class, or gentle sculpting routine (my three favorites).

For the Beach, Baby

Beach outfit collage

Design by Amanda Lauro

A maternity swimsuit outfit is crucial if you're pregnant during summer or planning a beachy babymoon or. Of course, you can go the one-piece route with stretchy panels and straps for more coverage and support. But if you’re all about showcasing your bump, go for an ultra-flexible bikini with a flowy maxi dress as a versatile coverup.

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