8 Cute Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Easy to Pull Off

Updated 10/09/18
jasmine tookes in a jasmine costume
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Everyone has a different intention when it comes to their desired Halloween makeup look. Some of us want to look scary, some of us want to look ethereal, and perhaps some of us just want to look cute AF. Is that too much to ask? However, with the amazing influx of Halloween makeup inspiration these days via Instagram and YouTube, it can be easy to feel like our costume has to be intensely over the top in order to be memorable—veering aggressively sultry or caricature-esque in impact. So we decided to do some digging. After all, there has to be some middle ground, right? Cute costumes and makeup aesthetics that are entrancing to look at and emulate but still feel fun, sweet, and whimsical in nature.

This year, we did the work for you to find eight ultra-cute Halloween makeup looks to satisfy any and all palettes. From nostalgic blasts from the past to saccharine inspiration drawn from our favorite Halloween sugar-laden treats, keep scrolling. Ahead, eight screenshot-worthy (and very cute) Halloween makeup looks to try ASAP this season. 

1. Lisa Frank Leopard

We grew up on the whimsical characters that made up the deliciously adorable world of Lisa Frank. Thus, this Technicolor Frank-inspired leopard is basically what our nostalgia-filled souls desire as far as a cute-as-a-button makeup look this Halloween. 

2. Forest Fawn

While the majority of Halloween makeup looks from makeup genius @halloween_makeup_top are genuinely horrifying (albeit in a spectacularly glamorous manner), this fawn-inspired look is genuinely cute in its sweet and ethereal demeanor.

3. Rainbow Brite

Similar to Lisa Frank, Rainbow Brite was signature (very cute) character staple circa our childhood memories. Inspired by @safai305's stunning makeup aesthetics, we love the idea of combining her rainbow-painted eyes and lips to create an out-of-this-world-cute makeup look just in time for Halloween this year.

4. Pokémon's Pikachu

Hmm, are you sensing a Halloween-minded trend? As kids, all we ever wanted was to collect Pikachu, and for Halloween 2018, all we want is to collect this adorably cute makeup look courtesy of makeup wiz @sarahmcgonagall. Warning: Cuteness is so high, people may be tempted to pinch those perfectly painted cheeks all night long.

5. Disney Princess

We'll come clean and admit we're still as obsessed with Disney and all of its iconic princesses as we were years ago. While we once may have wished we could grow up to be the princesses themselves, we're pretty happy with being the badass independent women we are. That being said, channeling our favorite Disney-inspired dames is a pretty darn cute way to spend Halloween. In fact, we're still lusting over model Jasmine Tookes's Halloween-perfect interpretation of Aladdin's Princess Jasmine.

6. Zodiac Sign

How have we never thought of this? When we stumbled upon Star Hosseini's brilliant collection of zodiac-inspired makeup looks, our minds went to this year's highly anticipated Halloween festivities right away. Plus, we love how you can make it as complicated or uncomplicated as you want.

7. Owl

Even though other forest characters have been getting lots of love as far as their Halloween potential (nymphs, fawns, the like), we'd completely forgotten the about owls. Thanks to makeup artist Lisa Marie, however, we're already planning on donning feathers, and wings courtesy of this super-cute makeup idea. Perhaps if you're a Harry Potter fan, you might even consider channeling Hedwig?

8. Candy Corn

The only thing better than stuffing our candy-craving faces with candy corn this Halloween? Using the signature (and cute!) bites as inspiration for an adorably sweet Halloween makeup aesthetic. Plus, it's so easy and the rest of your costume can be easy as pie. 

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