The 30 Best Cut Crease Eyeshadow Looks That Create Unreal Definition

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You've probably heard the term cut crease—it's one of the most popular eyeshadow application techniques. But what exactly is it? When you use the cut crease technique you're essentially combining a light shade of eyeshadow, followed up by a line or "cut" placed in the crease to showcase definition and in return help the eyes appear wider, and more awake.

If cut crease eyeshadow looks are what you're after, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up some seriously gorgeous cut crease eyeshadow looks that will undoubtedly inspire you for your next makeup look, (or several) and got some application advice from professional makeup artist Hayley Noel. From soft and natural to daring and dramatic, these looks will have you swooning in no time regardless of the occasion.

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60's Vibe

Cut Crease Eyeshadow 1960s Lily Collins

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Re-create a '60s vibe cut crease look by using pastel hues like the ones shown here. Pastel blue is applied on the lids while a gray tone contours and enhances the crease. Makeup artist Hayley Noel says, "To really sharpen the look and clean up any mistakes, I’d dip a tapered side of a beauty blender in a bit of makeup remover to extend and define the eyes’ outer corner."

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Smoked Out

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Smoky


A smoky cut crease look might be what you need for just the right amount of drama and flair. You can create the crease contrast by using two shades from the same color palette that vary in intensity to ensure you see the contrast well enough.

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So Mod

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Mod Emily Alyn Lind

Getty Images

Mod smoky liner, a barely there cut crease shadow, and subtle flushed tones throughout create this timeless look that's absolutely going up on our inspiration board.

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Everyday Beauty

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Everyday Dove Cameron


A subtle bronze cut crease looks suitable for any day (or occasion for that matter). The varying soft neutrals create an earthy vibe we love for daytime makeup wear.

Try using Scotch tape as a stencil to create sharper cut crease looks like this one.

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Feline Fine

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Winged Liner


A graphic feline click with liquid eyeliner paired with smoky neutral shadow tones creates a gorgeous cut crease look that makes a statement at the same time. Makeup artist Hayley Noel points out, "For this look, I’d dip a pencil brush in a darker shadow and trace along the crease to outline the eye. I’ll even add some shadow to the lower lash line for more drama and a 1960s effect."

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Orange Dream

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Orange Selena Gomez

Getty Images

Color lovers unite: This dreamy orange cut crease shadow look will instantly brighten your look by showing off one of the happiest colors we know. Bold, bright orange and soft sherbet shadow shades blended on lids are all you need for a warm statement.

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Dark Purple Beauty

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Purple Rihanna

Getty Images

Cut crease looks don't always have to look the same. The rich shades of purple in this look showcase how commitment to a color creates an irresistible result.

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Bejeweled Beauty

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Bejeweled Ella Emhoff

Getty Images

Using tiny jewels around the border of your eyes is a unique way of showing off your cut crease shadow look. The delicate details blended with subtle neutrals and natural lashes are truly a work of art.

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Chic Silver

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Silver Kim Kardashian


Rock a silver cut crease that's elegant—you can opt for whichever shade of silver you like, whether it has shimmering sparkles or more of a frosty finish.

Makeup artist Hayley Noel advises, "I always like to start a cut crease with a layer of concealer on the lid and up to the brow bone. I prefer using a shade or two lighter than my skin tone. This way you get the brightness at the center of the lid. Any bright shadow you layer will really pop."

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Warm Smoke

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Warm Smoke Rachel Zegler

Getty Images

Warm neutral tones create a smoky cut crease look that feels both deep and inviting at the same time. Get as creative as you like with your color choices—the options are endless, and you can craft this look to complement your eyes, skin tone, or the night's outfit.

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Soft and Dreamy

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Dreamy Olivia Munn


The dreamiest and most natural of cut crease looks, this soft eyeshadow pairing of earthy tones shows that cut crease trends can be classic and simple. Bright white on the inner corners cut with warm shadow tones across the lids and crease along with liquid eyeliner has us taking serious notice. Giorgio Armani Beauty's Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil ($30) is an excellent choice for waterline eyeliner that will stay put.

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Add Some Glitter

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Silver Glitter Lady Gaga

Getty Images

Looking for a reason to get festive? Add glittery silver shadow to your cut crease look for the ultimate glam effect. Classic lashes and a bold red lip complete the statement.

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Sugar and Spice

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Sugar and Spice Anitta

Getty Images

Frosted and shimmering shadow on the lids with rust colors cutting the crease makes us think of a sugary sweet treat reminiscent of a cinnamon bun or snickerdoodle cookie. Blending the warmer shadow towards the brow helps to tie the look together so the shadow looks cohesive throughout.

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Yes To Gold

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Golden Gigi Hadid


Creativity wins again with this dreamy gold eyeshadow look, which pairs beautifully with sharp winged liner for a night out.

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Celestial Chic

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Celestial Barbie Ferreira


With the right colors, a cut crease eyeshadow look can make your makeup feel out of this world. Blend silver with darker cool tones for celestial vibes.

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Contoured Cut Crease

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Contoured


Cut your crease with contoured eyeliner to make your look daring as ever. The eyelashes and liner in the waterline take this look to the next level with precision and flair.

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Earthy and Elegant

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Earth Tones


Elegant earth tones with rich chocolate browns strike again in this beautiful cut crease look. Minimal shadow on the lids and detailed deep contour in the crease just works so well together, don't you think? We love the tiniest highlight detail placed on the inner corners of the eyes.

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A True Dream

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Dreamy Gray


Soft, moonlight-colored eyeshadow looks like a dreamy cloud on the eyelids, while deeper gray tones cut the crease and contour to perfection. Finish with a few coats of your favorite mascara for gorgeous, voluminous eyelashes.

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Lashes and Contour

Cut Crease Eyeshadow with Lashes and Contour Yara Shahidi


At first glance the eyelashes might be all you see, yet there's a subtle and unique cut crease shadow look that is so beautiful, you certainly won't want to miss it. Natural shadow colors create definition while the lashes add depth and balance.

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Caramel and Creme

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Caramel Creme


Soft caramel and creme tones give this cut crease look everything it needs to be. With defined eyebrows and fantastic eyelashes, we give this cut crease eyeshadow look an A+.

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It's All Peachy

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Peachy Nude Tones Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Getty Images

Peachy nude tones help create a cut crease eye look that makes an everyday statement. Paired with glowing skin, the thinnest of eyeliner, and nude lips, everything works together here for the very best.

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Golden Emerald

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Green and Gold


Golden eyeshadow paired with emerald tones givew this jewel-toned cut crease look some extra flair—the contrast between the two stunning colors is a lovely example of how to wear color in a chic, modern way. This eyeshadow palette from Fenty Beauty has a beautiful selection of gold and green hues.

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It's All Glossy

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Glossy


Keeping the cut crease minimal to add subtle definition, this shadow look is complete with equally subtle winged eyeliner and sheer highlighted skin.

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Cut Crease and Glow

Cut Crease Eyeshadow with Glow


So much is happening here that we absolutely love. Glowing skin along with a dramatic cut crease eyeshadow look is ideal for any special occasion you might have. The winged eyeliner and cut crease together are two total show-stoppers.

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Bronze Light

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Bronze


Shimmering and sultry bronze eyeshadow makes way for a delightful cut crease look that has just enough sparkle and gloss. Deep crimson lips make this look all the better and more desirable.

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Angel Eyes

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Shimmery


The light reflects on this cut crease look in the best way possible. Glitter shadow on the lids and deep tones blended in the crease are a beautiful balance of color and texture.

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Bold and Beautiful

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Blue Smoky Eye


The smokiest of eye looks can showcase a cut crease in the best way. The different colors used here inspire us to create multi-faceted eyeshadow looks that let our creativity soar.

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The Eyes Have It All

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Green with Dark Liner Zendaya

Getty Images

Classic winged liner and modern green shadow combined create one of the dreamiest combinations we've seen with it comes to cut crease looks. The two tones together really create a gorgeous shadow look that stands out from the crowd.

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Rose Gold Gilded Lids

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Looks Chloe Flower


Rose gold tones on the lids and softer highlight under the brow creates a subtle cut crease eyeshadow look suitable for every day.

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Going Green

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Green Emma Stone

Getty Images

Solid color eyeshadow like this green choice is one of the easiest ways to create a cut crease, as the natural skin tone above the crease creates enough contrast between the two colors. Blend the shadow on the lids until you've got the color and intensity you're after.

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