Bespoke Beauty: The Secret Services That Create Custom Products Just for You

Where to Find Customised Beauty Products

How many hours and dollars have you wasted searching for a perfectly matched foundation, or a nude lipstick that suits your colouring? Too many is the general consensus, which is pretty damn frustrating to say the least. If you're done with unpredictable makeup shades (and the no-refund policy once they're open), you need to try a personalised formula.

There are a string of businesses cropping up that specialise in bespoke beauty formulas, such as foundation, nail polish, lipstick, even fragrance. So you can officially stop buying products you use once before banishing them to the bathroom cabinet where they never see the light of day again. 

Keep scrolling for the six customisable beauty services that you need in your life. 

The Lip Lab

The Lip Lab is well-known for its custom lipsticks, liners, and glosses (as the name might suggest), but they also now do foundation. They have a string of boutique stores listed online you can visit for a consultation, where you can choose your shade and finish (and fragrance, depending on the product). Then all that's left to do is wait for the magic to happen before skipping home with your bespoke makeup collection. 


If you're particular when it comes to fragrance, or can't stand smelling like everyone else, you need to familiarise yourself with Aromantik. This boutique is located in Manly, NSW, although some fragrances are available online. A custom scent involves six to eight weeks worth of consultation with perfumer Sally Woodward-Hawes, where you will work through an extensive library of ingredients until you you find your new signature. 

Say It With Polish

This bespoke nail polish business is made for birthdays, bridesmaids, and hen's parties alike. It's as simple as choosing your colour and personalising the bottle with your choice of font and text. FYI, our favourite colour at Byrdie Australia HQ is Dark Maroon.


Fleurage is a small, bespoke fragrance house located in Melbourne. The experience is guided by a perfumer where you will select from 80 ingredients until you find a blend you're in-love with. The beauty of this service is that your scent can be re-ordered once you're out. 

Melli Cosmetics

Melli Cosmetics is a bespoke foundation service popular among television personalities and entertainers, but the huge range of boutiques around Australia mean it's accessible for almost everyone (although after your initial consultation, the recipe is kept on file and ordering online is a cinch). The beauty of this service is that everything is tailored, from coverage to shade, and the finish (also, all formulas are mineral-based and vegan). Never again will your foundation be too yellow, pink, matte, or sheer. 


Giella is a US brand that specialises in custom everything. You can choose the finish and scent of pre-made lipstick colours and glosses, or add tea-tree to your concealer to fight blemishes. They're made to order, too. 

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