50 Curly Mohawk Looks to Reference at Your Next Hair Appointment

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I wore my first fauxhawk during my junior year of college. I hadn't started my natural hair journey just yet, but I leaned into flexi rod sets, which gave me the perfect foundation to try something new. What I enjoyed most about the style is that I felt edgy (like Rihanna, who was my beauty icon at the time) without cutting my hair. A handful or two of bobby pins, edge control, plus a few extra minutes in the mirror and I had a brand new style.

Frohawks are a popular style among curly girls because they're easy to create, can help stretch time between wash days, and can be styled with our without cutting your hair. With this in mind, I scoured the net for frohawks made perfect for natural hair of all lengths and textures. Ahead, my top 50 picks, from short tapered cuts that mimic the mohawk silhouette to silk-pressed and bobby-pinned red carpet looks.

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Go Blue

Blue hair with blue liner are my idea of the rockstar style with a colorful twist.

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Add Bantu Knots

Cornrows and Bantu knots add flair the traditional fauxhawk. 

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Create a Locked Crown

Makeup artist Danessa Myricks' locked crown is a gorgeous rendition of a fauxhawk, reminding us locs can do it all.

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Go Edgy (No Matter The Occasion)

Sonequa Martin-Green's hair shows that fauxhawks work on magazine covers and beyond.

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Go Geometric

The geometric parts with the bubble textured puffs make this version a visual work of art.  

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Use The Classic Mohawk as Inspiration

Ósmia Brumo's crisp, tapered cut shapes her facial features perfectly and pays homage to the mohawk. 

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Try an Elegant Spin

Not everyone would classify this as a fauxhawk, but the silhouette mimics the edgy classic with an elegant spin. 

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Add Volume

Melissa Hibbért's tapered look is another one I adore, but with more volume at the crown.

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Try Colorful Braiding Hair

Yaya Dacosta's coily, braided mohawk taps inspiration from Afropunk, and can be recreated simply by adding gray braiding hair. 

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Go Subtle

Fauxhawks don't always have to scream rockstar, and Whitney's braided updo proves it.

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Take Inspo From The Red Carpet

Ryan Michelle Bathe's Emmy Awards hair is a mood. No matter the special occasion, this timeless mohawk style remains canon.

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Don't Be Afraid To Add A Splash Of Color

Lena Waithe's blue-adorned mohawk is easy to recreate with braiding string and a barber that can create a mean undercut.

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Mix It Up

Slicked baby hairs, textured puffs, pulled back into a loose mohawk? Yes, please.

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Make Cornrows the Star

Skai Jackson's braided style makes her cornrows the star of the show.

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Embrace Your Texture

No matter your hair texture, switching it up is always an option. Danai's voluminous mohawk shows off her stunning coily hair texture. 

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Showcase Your Bone Structure

When a pompadour meets a mohawk silhouette, it easily lands a spot on our list. This sleek look frames Sydelle Noel's bone structure, well.

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Add Some Length

Colorful braiding string seems to be a consistent hairstyling option for red carpet hair, and the subtle white addition makes Marsai Martin's fauxhawk pony pop.

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Bring The Elegance

Again, this isn't your typical fauxhawk, but who says we can't apply the same principles to elevate the style? To get the sleek look of Ashley Blaine Featherson's style, you'll likely need a silk press (which is a nice way to try something new).

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Show Off Your Fringe

Pulling your hair off your face can feel vulnerable if you're used to wearing a bang. Storm's fringed style gives you the best of both worlds.

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Play With Length And Texture

Kerry Washington's style has the essence of mohawk, while braids and a loose ponytail give her look a modern day spin. 

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Go For The Gold

Adding gold accessories to your style is another way to make this trendy cut your own.

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Stay On Trend

After you're done securing your coils in place, add 90's flair with colorful pins or clips. 

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Have Fun With Your Parts

Signature parting can make any hairstyle stand out. Be sure to have a rat-tail comb on hand to ensure your parts are flawless. 

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Create Your Own Crown

Yara Shahidi's intricate cornrows (styled by celebrity stylist Lacy Redway)show off her one of a kind talents, giving the Grownish star the crown she deserves. 

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Spruce Up an Old Twist Out

Short hair natural hair can be just as versatile as medium to long hair. You just have to get creative. The hair looks like it was twisted out here, so when that twist out gets old, liven it up with colorful pins. 

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Work That Fine Hair

A fauxhawk can be done on any hair type, so don't be afraid to try the style if your tresses are fine. 

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Blown-Out Tresses

With a blowout, bobby pins, and gold string, you'll have recreated this look in minutes. 

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From The Runway to Everyday

This sky-high frohawk works on the runway and real life. Pick up Ouidad's Curl Last Hairspray ($20) to keep your coils in place. 

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Stretch Your Silk Press

Silk-pressed hair can get oily after a few days. Instead of washing it, you can stretch cropped hair a little longer by adding bobby pins to create the illusion of a mohawk. 

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Hold Off on the Co-Wash

For my wash-and-go naturalistas, Aysha's full fauxhawk can give you a couple more days before your next co-wash. If your hair is on the drier side, add a foam leave-in like Eden Bodyworks Papaya Castor Foam Conditioner ($9) to wake up your curls. 

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Don't Forget to Lay Your Baby Hairs

Fringe-filled updos are easy to create with minimal stress on your edges, which leaves more room for baby hair designs. 

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Tiffany Renee's stunning hair color and cropped cut are what all tapered cuts wish they could be. 

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Embrace the Gray

Embracing gray hair can be challenging thanks to unrealistic beauty norms, but Tiffany Murchison's gray fauxhawk proves age ain't nothing but a number.

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Three Ponytails Are Better Than One

Keekz's frohawk is a simple way to try something new or stretch out your next wash day. When creating your three ponytails, try not to add too much tension to avoid headaches and breakage (as styles like these should always be protective and promote healthy hair). 

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Bring the Drama

How stylists create such detailed work never ceases to amaze me. Here's another protective style that brings the drama.

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Stretch That Flexi Rod Set

Flexi rod sets are fantastic for any hair type because they can typically last as long as you'd like to wear them. They're also extremely versatile, and can be worn up, down, or any way your creative heart desires.

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Try Ombré With a Color Pop

Braided fauxhawks, as you can see, are one of my favorites, but I love that Stacy added color here with hair paint wax.

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Go Side-Swept

Kayla's red mane is gorgeous, and if you follow her on IG, you'll see she likes to switch it up. Hair side-swept coils could easily be shifted into a fauxhawk by applying the same design to the right side of the head.

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Accessorize With Jewels and Undercuts

Brittany's hair is a must-try for many reasons. The undercut, the jewels, and her locs take this look to the next level. 

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Go Two-Toned

A two-toned, frohawk? Where do I sign up? Not only is this style eye-catching, but it also looks like it would be pretty low-maintenance aside from keeping the color fresh. 

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Tiny Fros are Versatile, Too

Priscilla's tiny fro is a great example of how a few bobby pins can help your hair take on a new life. 

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Experiment With 4C Hair

I'll be trying to Anima's take on the frohawk asap. My 4c hair will appreciate the change. 

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Add Flat Twists

Here is another instance of how a twist out can take on many different forms with the right hair accessories and edge control. 

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Make The Frohawk Your Own Creation

Ariel's look is more of a tapered cut, but I think this still lends itself to the bones of a frohawk, which is super flattering on her bone structure.

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Have Fun With Protective Styles

Twists outs make an ideal foundation for a frohawk, and this firey red style makes the perfect canvas for a red lip.

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Give Hair Paint Wax a Try

If you're not familiar with hair paint wax, you're missing out. The pomade-like wax adds color to natural hair textures without the damage of bleaching or coloring your hair. 

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The blowout, the makeup, and the hair color make this frohawk a must-try if you're an adventurous beauty lover.

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Minimal, But Make It Fashion

Cropped sides and a long fringe make this curl fauxhawk an easy way to rock your curls with less styling and drying time. 

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Try a Temporary Hair Color That Compliments Your Skin Tone

Going from Bantus to a full-on frohawk is an option I never thought of trying until now. Not to mention, the purple-pink hue compliments JhorGalore's skin tone perfectly.

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Keep It Simple

I enjoy seeing short fros like Khyara's styled in different ways. Her twisted, curly frohawk is another example of how creativity can make any hair length fun to style.

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