20,000 People Are Losing It Over This Woman's Curly-Hair Transformation

While it's great that embracing our natural hair texture has never been cooler, we can't exactly ignore the fact that up until fairly recently, this wasn't exactly the case. Many girls with curls likely recall flatironing their strands into submission during the mid-aughts, when stick-straight hair was the acceptable look du jour. It was an unfair standard, to say the least—and it's the background story for Reddit user Maggie, whose own curly-hair transformation swiftly went viral this week.

"Pop culture praised thin, pin-straight hair. I got bullied for having frizzy and curly hair in middle and high school, so I just wanted to fit in," she tells Glamour. So she declared war on her natural hair, forcing it straight with perms, bleach, and flatironing it "five to six days a week, without using a quality heat protectant." And she has the brittle, damaged pictures to prove it. Thankfully, Maggie's curly-hair acceptance journey began shortly after, in college. After years of hard work and TLC, her strands look incredible—and most importantly, she couldn't be happier to embrace them.

Keep scrolling to see Maggie's before and after photos.