The '80s Hair Trend That's Making a Comeback (and Why You Should Try It)

Updated 01/27/18

When Kylie Minogue stepped out in London back in April with a super-curly 'do, we thought Oh, that's nice. Kylie's doing '80s Kylie. Little did we know that this was the start of something. Since then Fearne Cotton went for a full-on perm-like hairstyle at the Glamour Awards, Blake Lively appeared on U.S. show Late Night With Seth Meyers with a mane of side-swept tumbling curls and we've just spotted Chrissy Teigen with a mane of curly hair styled by Jen Atkin. 

"We are at the beginning of a huge trend for curly hair, which I think is great because we are finally embracing this style," says Paul Percival, co-founder of Percy & Reed and the man responsible for Fearne's hair at the Glamour Awards. "It’s been at bay for longer than most trends because people have terrible memories of their perms, but things are very different now."

While we're not racing to try a perm anytime soon, we are tempted to style our hair curly for a night out or special occasion. For anyone with straight hair, it's a fun way to completely shake up your style for an evening. Keep scrolling to find out how you can re-create this curly look at home…

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"To make sure you get gorgeous curls without the need for a perm, I recommend using the Babyliss Curling Wand Pro (£25) all over," says Paul.

"Use a good styling product before for hold, like the Percy & Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse (£12), as it doesn’t leave that horrible crunchy feel to hair," he adds.

Work the mousse through towel-dried hair before rough-drying. Section your hair, curling small pieces as you go.

The key with curling your hair is to know that it's the cooling process that sets the hair for a longer-lasting curl, so once you have tonged your whole head, make sure all your hair is cold before you do anything else. You can use the cold shot on your hairdryer to speed up the process. Then use your fingers to rake through the curls so they don't look too 'done.' Mist with a little flexible hairspray like L'Oréal Paris Elnett Flexible Hold Hairspray (£7).

"It’s now easy to get a mass of curls purely from styling… No perm needed.”

Anyone tempted to try a curly look this weekend? Sound off in the comment box below.

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