An Expert Explains Exactly How to Identify Your Curl Type



Figuring out your curl type takes time. Contrary to popular belief, curly hair isn't just one big category. It actually encompasses a vast array of curl types with unique characteristics and traits.

So how do you identify your curl type? It takes a bit of exploration, and since our hair transforms over time, it also takes patience and kindness to your curls. Googling "curl type" will bring you to fascinating charts and offer a look inside cult communities of women who've bonded over their curl type.

I decided to reach out to curl experts and natural haircare founders who know best. Michelle Breyer, co-founder and The Curl Revolution author, has a beautiful take on curl types: "Hair typing is a starting point, an easy way to start wading through the many product and styling options. We mean it to be a reference guide, not a way to separate people into different groups."

Of course, I couldn't write about curls without tapping the curl master, Vernon François, a celebrity hairstylist and founder of the Vernon François Haircare collection, along with curl extraordinaire Diane C. Bailey, a celebrity stylist and SheaMoisture brand ambassador. Read on for the ultimate curl type breakdown—you're going to want to bookmark this one.