Stylist Nubia Rezo Is All About Empowering the Curl Community

Here's what she wants you to know about summer haircare.

Curl stylist

Nubia Rezo

Curl care can be hard to navigate, and not every texture is the same. What works from looser curls may not work for tighter curl patterns and vice versa. Even people with the same hair texture might not see similar results from the same routine. That's where Nubia Rezo comes in.

Hairstylist Nubia Rezo is a curly girl at heart. The founder of Rezo Haircare and her signature "Rezocut" has devoted her career to caring for curls and educating her clients and team on curl care. The expert approaches curls the same way a florist would approach a bouquet, cutting hair in circles imitating roses. Her approach to caring for curly hair is just as unique, and she shared all the details with us. Read on for her tips.

Know Your Hair Texture and Hair Porosity

Your hair’s porosity determines how well it absorbs and keeps moisture and is determined by the outer layer of your hair, the cuticle. The porosity of your hair has little to do with your hair texture and you can have low, high, or normal porosity no matter your curl type.

Rezo Haircare, serum
Rezo Haircare Curl Define Hair Serum $65.00

When applying products you should consider your texture and porosity. Low porosity hair is moisture resistant and high porosity hair easily absorbs moisture. If you're not sure where your hair fits, there are easy ways to test at home. Either way, moisturizing is key. In her salons they’ll often add a layer of the lightweight Curl Define Hair Serum ($65), to lock in moisture and then Curl Define Hair Gel ($40).

Don't Overdo It on Product

At home, she recommends using a light misting of water to refresh curls—don’t over-apply creams or gels. Take a small amount of Curl Define Hair Serum ($65) and with your hands in a prayer-like position, smooth the product onto your hair in sections starting at the back. For looser curls and less dense hair, you can go in with a gel and diffuser, scrunching your curls for more shape and volume.

Properly Wash Your Hair and Scalp

Rezo Haircare, Shampoo
Rezo Haircare Curl Control Shampoo $35.00

If you have curls and coils, you probably have a designated wash day, Rezo recommends once a week taking the time to properly wash your hair. Taking a clarifying shampoo that won't strip your hair or scalp of its natural oils, focus on stimulating the scalp as you wash your hair.

"We need to stimulate the scalp, the scalp has to move. A scalp that is not elastic is a scalp that’s going to lose hair." Rezo says. To wash your hair she recommends using a quarter-sized amount of shampoo and lots of water. Starting at the back work the shampoo into your scalp and work your way to the front of your hair in sections.

Scalp care is essential. "The skin is the biggest organ on the body and sometimes we look at the skin and think it’s all in my face, my hands, my neck—no. It goes to your scalp; it goes to your feet. It's every little piece of you," she says. "You need to take care of the skin. because we don’t see the scalp we tend to forget that part."

According to Rezo, shampoo is actually more important than conditioner, explaining with a "good cleansing of the scalp with a hydrating shampoo, all the work is done and you only need very little conditioner."

Protect Your Hair From Breakage and Damage

Pineapple-ing might be an easy hair hack for reducing frizz and preserving curls, but she notes too much can cause tension that leads to breakage. Just like you protect your hair from the heat and your skin from the UV rays, you should be protecting your scalp and strands from the sun with hair protectants like the Curl Define Hair Serum ($65).

Any extreme weather condition can take a toll on your tresses. She also warns that you should avoid going out with wet curls in the winter; if cold can snap a tree branch, she says, imagine what it can do to your hair.

Get Your Haircut According To Your Curl Pattern 

If you’re wondering how often you should be booking a haircut use your hair type as a guideline. Rezo recommends looser textures come in every three to four months for a trim. If you have a tighter curl pattern she recommends a trim every five to six months—about twice a year. 

There you have it—super easy curl care, straight from an expert.

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