Does Cupping for Cellulite Work? Here's Everything You Need to Know

"I know what a woman is 'supposed' to be—thin, white, and feminine in a way that follows the many rules of the male gaze," contributor Rachel Charlene Lewis wrote in regard to the journey to loving her body. She speaks about how it all came down to appreciating herself regardless of what she was "supposed" to be. Such is the case with cellulite as much as it is identity and shape. Ninety percent of us have cellulite, and we've all been fooled into despising it by gimmicky workout routines and diets that promise to banish whatever it is they're supposed to rid you of. But cellulite is part of your body, part of most of our bodies, and it has very little to do with weight and certainly shouldn't affect our self-worth. 

That being said, just as you're allowed to love your form the way it is, you're also free to want to change it. Creams don't always work and lasers can be painful and expensive. That's why we decided to look into cupping for some possible answers. Keep reading to find out more.