Face Freezing: The New, Non-Invasive Botox

To someone such as myself, who’s not yet ready to take the Botox plunge but always looking for new anti-aging treatments to fend off the encroaching forehead fine lines, the idea of a cryotherapy facials is intriguing. Freeze your face to reduce wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, and blemishes? Count me in. So off to the offices of Beverly Hills dermatologist Michael Lin I went to try the treatment claiming visible results in just 30 minutes.

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Face-Freezing Treatment

The treatment itself is quick—mine took less than 20 minutes—and quite relaxing. I was expecting the liquid nitrogen concoction to feel, well, freezing. But to me it felt very cooling, not shockingly cold (which in all honesty, I found somewhat disappointing—I guess I’m just a beauty masochist). I’ll qualify that statement by adding that a friend of mine who also tried a cryotherapy facial found it cold. Not “very cooling”—actually cold.  

For the facial, liquid nitrogen is combined with 100% pure medical-grade oxygen and applied to the skin with a big cotton swab. The cold nitrogen freezes and then exfoliates away dead skin cells while stimulating cell regeneration. The oxygen, which also contains added vitamins and antioxidants, kills bacteria and heals damaged skin cells. The result is smoother skin, more even skin tone, and a healthy glow.

The treatment was so soothing; I could have gotten my face frozen for hours. After my 20 minutes, my skin felt clean, fresh, and firm. It looked taut and noticeably glowier, but I can’t say I saw too much of an improvement on my forehead fine lines. However, I assume that’s more of a long-term benefit. The recommended treatment plan is usually six sessions spaced two to four months apart, with maintenance sessions every four to eight weeks after that. 

Fake the Results at Home
Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller At-Home for Face and Body Massage $30

If you want to re-create a cryotherapy facial at home, start with a cooling ice treatment. We love Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller At-Home for Face and Body Massage ($30).

Kate Somerville’s Dermal Quench Liquid Lift Advanced Wrinkle Treatment $95

And follow it up with a dose of oxygen from Kate Somerville’s Dermal Quench Liquid Lift Advanced Wrinkle Treatment ($95). Et voilà! Beautiful skin. 

What do you think of face freezing? Would you try it? Tell us below!

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