Meet the Creator of CRWN, the Stunning Natural-Hair Magazine We All Need


Nkrumah Farrar for CRWN

Of all the covers in the grocery store aisle, there’s only one magazine my mom would faithfully order and proudly lay out on our living room coffee table. The others didn’t speak to us at all. Our hair textures, skin tones, and commonalities as black women were completely absent and disregarded in the pages of mainstream magazines, so options were scarce. I grew up deeply attracted to the slick pages of magazines but always yearned for a print publication that honored and aided to my evolving journey as a young and proud black woman.

Fortunately now, thanks to Lindsey Day, co-founder and editor-in-chief of CRWN magazine, black women around the world have a body of work that’s thoughtfully curated to celebrate the glory of what it means to be a woman of color. CRWN is a natural-hair magazine that celebrates every multidimensional, complex, and beautiful aspect of black womanhood.

Along with her co-founder and creative director, Nkrumah Farrar, Day compiles powerful stories and stunning images that capture black women in our truest form and tell our real stories. It is the duo’s hope that you’ll finally see yourself in the quarterly magazine that puts black women first through stories that touch on our beauty, politics, finance, economics, gender roles, self-love, and more. We spoke with Day about her incredible venture, and, well, there’s a lot to be said.