These Amazing Ulta Brands Are Cruelty-Free

Unfortunately, cruelty-free is a bit of a fluid term. There is no government-sanctioned cruelty-free label, so each company sets their own standards and defines what their version of "cruelty-free" entails. This could mean that the ingredients were tested on animals but the final product wasn't, or that the manufacturer didn't test on animals but used a third party to do so. It certainly isn't transparent, however, the CCI (Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics) utilizes a method to establish one cohesive standard for cruelty-free labeling: the Leaping Bunny Program.

According to the MSPCA website, "The Leaping Bunny Program gives consumers assurance that the products they are buying have met the most rigorous cruelty-free standards, as licensees are required to sign a pledge not to test on animals during any stage of product development. The company’s ingredient suppliers must make the same pledge, assuring that the entire product is free from animal testing. CCIC also commissions on-site audits to assess licensees’ and suppliers claims of a 'no animal testing' manufacturing policy."

That's why we turned to the Leaping Bunny website to find the best cruelty-free brands to shop at one of our favorite beauty meccas, Ulta. We'll be honest: There aren't a ton of brands that fall under the Leaping Bunny standards, but the ones we did spy are products we constantly find ourselves using. Curious which ones made the cut? Keep scrolling!