This Little-Known Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand Keeps Selling Out

Lucy Watson sitting and posing in dress
Buki Koshoni

It’s hard finding beauty products that live up their name these days, let alone items that are cruelty-free (or vegan) and affordable. When searching for a lipstick, chances are you’re after a highly pigmented product, easy application, and cool packaging, (and to maybe know what celeb has worn it). If this is what you’re after, it’s generally going to cost you upwards of $50. But not anymore.

Enter: Basic Bitch, the PETA-Approved lipstick line created by British Australian influencer, Lucy Watson (fellow reality TV junkies may recognize Watson from the UK's Made in Chelsea). The 100% cruelty-free brand has beauty insiders in a frenzy. With only three shades, the lipsticks are quickly becoming a cult product. They’re constantly sold-out and always being restocked (a bit like Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits). We were lucky enough to get our hands on the range and, let me tell you, they do not live up to their name—they are anything but basic.

Launching in late 2016, Basic Bitch has already amassed around 10 thousand Instagram followers, (and founder Lucy Watson boasts over one million). Given this large social presence, the brand has the ability to do good, and promote cruelty-free makeup—and the response proves there’s a huge demand for such a diverse product.

The products do exactly what you want any lipstick to do—keep lips hydrated, glide on easily, and the best part—not test on animals. The $29 price tag is pretty good too.

Basic Bitch Erryday $29

This shade is a mix between mauve and nude and it lives up to its name as it can literally be worn all day ‘erryday’. I found that by applying extra coats, it made the pigment darker (and it stayed put), and could easily take me from desk to dinner. If you’re a nude lip girl, then this is your go-to. It’s definitely my favorite shade of the three.

Queen Bee
Basic Bitch Queen Bee $29

I’m not normally a red lip kinda girl, but I can appreciate how good this shade of red is, and how much girls will appreciate its creaminess. I asked the red lipstick-wearing girls in the office what they normally look for, and if Queen Bee would appeal to them. The verdict—YES! Our intern Natalie, who wears a red lip daily counts MAC as her go-to and looks for creaminess, something deep in color, and wearability (how easy is it to take off?). "I tried Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit and I couldn't for the life of me take the product off at the end of the day. This leaves me with the thought that what could possibly be in these products to make them attach to the lip for that long? A frightening thought. Once I applied the creamy, smooth red to my natural pink colored lips, I was instantly sold... and unleashed my inner Gwen Stefani."

Peach Perfect
Basic Bitch Peach Perfect $29

Described as orange with a hint of pink, Peach Perfect is for those days when you know something from your outfit is missing and need an extra pep. When I tried this shade I found that it was more tangerine. I can imagine someone who isn't used to wearing bold lipstick might appreciate that you can wear the color sheer, or build it up for more drama.

*Note: this product is made with lanolin, which is not vegan-friendly, however, the brand is intending to be 100% vegan as soon as possible.

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