The Crocs X Benefit Collab is the Ultra-Glam, Pink Shoe I Need

Crocs are back and better than ever.

crocs collab

Andrea Bossi / Unsplash

What We Like

  • Cosmetics meeting the ugly-turned-popular shoe is the ultimate collab.
  • These shoes are glamorous and ridiculous at the same time and in the best way possible. The Jibbitz charms take them a big step up.
  • The shoes are obnoxiously pink and blingy in a way that is a natural confidence booster.

What We Don't Like

  • The compact mirror charm is fragile because of how ridiculously big it is for a charm. I broke it during my first full day of wear.
  • They sold out too quickly, but that’s what they were built to do.

Bottom Line

These shoes revived something in me that faded when the pandemic had me sitting around wearing the same style of basic clothes. This collaboration sold out when they dropped on July 13. If you can find a pair on resale, we would endorse that purchase, or you can see how we recreate the look below.

benefit x crocs

Andrea Bossi

For a while, Crocs seemed like the aggressively ugly shoe brand you only wore at the beach. Today, the brand is reaching new heights. This is, in part, thanks to its collaborations with brands that range from from Balenciaga to KFC, as well as celebrities including Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and more.

In July, Crocs announced yet another iconic collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics: Two sparkly pink statement shoes in the Classic Clog ($69.99) and Classic Sandal ($49.99) styles. I was eager to try this release out because I stopped wearing Crocs early in middle school. Back then, they were beach shoes or take-out-the-trash shoes—not anything in style. These shoes did not miss, and I expected nothing less from this collaboration.

Why I Love These

Living through the pandemic brought my style to a record low. I almost exclusively wore T-shirts, shorts, and sweatpants in the most basic colors. In another world, I’d be looking for ways to flaunt my style, but that wasn’t the world I was in. But if there's one thing that could bring gaudiness, glam, and a sense of fashion back into my life, it’s the Crocs collab with Benefit Cosmetics.

When I unpacked my Crocs from their ombre pink plastic bag, I was hit with a warm wave of nostalgia—and not just because these were my first Crocs since the late 2000s. These shoes look like they belong in a Barbie Dreamhouse. When I put them on, I felt like a Bratz Doll (and felt my style spark light up again).

After wearing both styles (and growing attached), I have some thoughts, and a whole lot of praise. 

benefit x crocs

Andrea Bossi

About the Classic Clog

Like with all of the Classic Clogs, the Benefit X Crocs clog is very comfortable. Even with all its charms, it feels like the perfect shoe to wear when you want to slide on something simple. These comfort shoes, however, will also give your outfit a lot more flair.

Made with a bubblegum pink bottom and glitter-infused jelly upper, these shoes come out of the bag sparkling with 10 of Crocs' signature Jibbitz charms. They range from sparkly pink circles to a charm that says “laughter is the best cosmetic.” There’s also a heart globe (like a snow globe, but a heart charm) and a pink chain with a faux lock and key.

As a testament to how ridiculous these are, one of the charms is an actual compact mirror. Unfortunately, the Benefit Cosmetics Jibbitz mirror doesn’t separate from its peg to become a regular compact mirror that you could use away from the shoe.

I’m also excited about these for their versatility. Whether or not you’re team socks when it comes to the classic Croc, these shoes offer endless outfit possibilities. They look good without socks, and they work well with them too.

These Crocs are unforgivably glamorous as they shine and sparkle in their pink splendor. Now, whenever I wear basic outfits, I throw these on as a statement piece for an instant upgrade and confidence boost.

benefit x crocs

Andrea Bossi

About the Classic Sandal

Just like the Classic Clog (or Birkenstocks, which these look very similar to), I expected nothing but comfort from the Classic Sandal. Past comfort, I’m going to keep wearing these because of the glitter straps that make these shoes look like the Instagram glitter filter whenever they’re in the sun.

Like the clogs, these come donned with 10 Jibbitz, including the compact mirror. These have some different charms from the Clog, like rubber lips and a metallic Gimme Brow charm.

The charms give this sandal lots of character, but my favorite thing is the straps. Though these shoes definitely run the risk of giving you a weird foot tan, the glitter-covered straps make that a forgivable issue. Where the Benefit Cosmetics X Crocs Classic Clog is a lot more subtle with its jelly upper, the glitter on the Classic Sandal is hard to miss. When it catches light and dazzles, it’s even harder to not appreciate. 

benefit x crocs

Andrea Bossi

Things I Didn't Like

As much as I love these shoes for their pink ridiculousness, I broke the compact mirror charm during my first full day of wear. I was rounding a corner in my apartment, brushed the mirror (which is located right on the edge of the shoe) against a table, and bam! The mirror broke into two pieces.

I should have been more careful, cognizant, or just taken the mirror charm off. But I’m still sad it broke that easily.

Final Verdict

When I saw the shoes pre-release, I was immediately in love. They were unforgettable and unforgiving in how sparkly, loud, and pink they were. While they’re a little different than what I may otherwise pick up, like many folks, I was craving something new and expressive for my closet once we were “going outside” again.

The comfort of these shoes was never in question. They were comfortable to wear around the house, and I wore them on long walks and felt just fine. The reason I’m keeping these for the long haul is because they make their presence known, and, being shoes, they can’t feel guilty about it. In other words, these shoes are an expression of confidence. Wearing them extends that feeling to you.

Similar Products

The Benefit Crocs sold out, and that sucks. But you can still remake your own. Here’s how: buy the electric pink sandal ($39.99) or the candy pink translucent clog ($54.99) as your base. Then, finish making your look-alike by adding the similar Jibbitz charms like the sparkly pink ($6.99), pink lipstick ($4.99), key chain charm ($6.99), pink lips ($4.99), and the pink donut ($4.99).

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