What's Your Ideal Fragrance Flight for Spring?

Fragrance is an accessory, and like all accessories, over time, you amass a collection of preferred perfumes tailored to your mood, the particular time of day (or night), and the occasion. Looking for a new slew of top-shelf scents? Keep reading to discover a fragrance flight for spring that’s the perfect mix of all your moods.

Fill in the Blanks Below

There’s no denying I subscribe to a
minimalist bold
philosophy when it comes to getting ready.

The scene at my vanity is what gives me away, complete with a lineup of
luxurious understated feminine
perfume bottles, classic to indie makeup brands, and
a calming candle fresh flowers a cup of coffee
to start the day on the right note.
Create My Flight

Meet the three perfumes destined to be on your vanity this spring. Whether you're feeling feminine, luxurious, or bold, there's a bottle suited to your mood. But that's only half the journey—shop them all at Sephora.