The Beauty Products and Rituals the Crazy Rich Asians Cast Swears By IRL

To be honest, it's been a hot second since we were so entirely entranced by a movie's entire female cast. And yet, here we are, utterly obsessed with Crazy Rich Asians and the film's unequivocally stunning and talented group of leading and supporting ladies. Not just beguiling on camera, the cast has also shown up for some major beauty moments on the red carpet. For photographic evidence that will inspire you to take your beauty MO up a notch, just check out these majestic snapshots from the CRA premier in L.A. We're still not okay.

In fact, the night's overflow of inspiration is actually what prompted us to write this very story. Sure, the film's crop of gorgeous stars look fabulous in the film and on the red carpet, but what products do they swear by in real life? You know, when they're left to their own devices without a celebrity makeup artist or esthetician in sight. So we did some digging (from our own archives and across the World Wide Web) to find out. And quite satisfactorily, we discovered a whopping 27 products the Crazy Rich Asians cast swears by on a regular basis. Curious to know the group's best-kept product obsessions and secrets? Keep scrolling!