CoverGirl Has Switched Up Its Packaging—Here's What It Looks Like Now

CoverGirl has been making major changes over the past couple of years. The brand is evolving to become more representative and diverse, as it should be. First, it made headlines when it announced its first male campaign star, James Charles, in 2016. Then it went on to welcome a whole host of other ambassadors. These people come from a variety of age groups, backgrounds, and industries, including 69-year-old model Maye Musk, Food Network star Ayesha Curry, and TV writer and producer Issa Rae.

The good people of CoverGirl even decided to do away with its iconic "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful" slogan. The brand's new slogan is now "I am what I make up," which is based on a more empowering beauty philosophy—one that implies a sense of individual confidence, power, and influence. Now the brand wants you to know that makeup is a tool for expression—not a means for covering or changing yourself. According to Allure, the "I am what I make up" campaign is in full swing. The brand has released a video to capture the campaign's essence, which you can see below.

The video, titled "Unapology," shows a single woman who changes her makeup look based on her environment and mood. At the end, she declares "I express who I am right now and who I want to be." In our view, that one line pretty much sums up CoverGirl's new brand message, which we're definitely here for. It's just like our moms used to tell us in middle school—makeup is about enhancing our features, not changing them. (Moms are literally always right.)

Aside from the exciting new rebranding of its beauty philosophy, the company is also rolling out a totally new look to accompany it. Gone are the days of the chunky mismatched colors we're used to seeing in the drugstore aisle. Now we can expect to see makeup packaging that's much sleeker, more refined, and cohesive. The brand gave us a sneak peek of its aesthetic future on its official Instagram account.

As you can see, it's just as colorful and fun but in a sleek and modern way. It's basically an updated 2018 version of its old packaging, complete with a base of black and white ribbed with bands of color. Apparently, this is the packaging we can expect to see from here on out—starting with the brand's new spring launches, which include a five new brow products, a smoky eye palette, shadow primer, setting spray, a color correction palette, and new versions of theMelting Pout Liquid Lipstick ($8). The latter is an old favorite, so we're excited to see the new formulations.

We're looking forward to the new product launches just as much as we're looking forward to seeing more of the brand's new campaign imagery. We love seeing key brands focus on inclusivity and diversity, and it seems that more and more are committing—brands like Sephora, ASOS Beauty, and CoverFX have also launched representative campaigns this year. We also don't mind the new packaging the brand is releasing. It's classic, chic, and kind of '60s-inspired, no? We think it will look just fine sitting atop our vanities.

Opening Image: @covergirl

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