Exclusive: Cover FX Just Launched a New Diverse Beauty Campaign That We Love


Cover FX

It's all too common for beauty brands to offer foundations that range across 10, maybe 15, different shades. This is a problem because 10 or 15 different shades clearly don't account for everyone's distinct skin tone variations. To make matters worse, the variety of makeup tones aren't distributed equally; usually, it's people with darker skin tones who find themselves with fewer shade options to choose from.

Lately, however, big name brands have taken steps to remedy this issue (just look to H&M or ASOS, which have both unveiled stunning new beauty campaigns focused on diversity and representation), and Cover FX is the latest.

Today, it launched a new campaign called #NudeIsNotBeige to emphasize and celebrate our different skin tones, and the brand gave Byrdie the exclusive details. "Nude is more than just beige, it’s a variety of golden, pink, and neutral undertones that makes each of us unique," the brand notes. Cover FX isn't just talking the talk, either: Its cult-favorite foundation has been available in a groundbreaking 40 different shades since 2015. Keep reading to learn more about Cover FX's new campaign!