Cover FX's New Concealer Doubles as an Eye Cream and Gives Me a Radiant Glow

Women with deep skin tones can relate: The amount of brands that have catered to our complexions is slim. Cover FX has been a leader of the pack for years when it comes to creating inclusive base makeup fit for people of color. The brand's innovative, forward-thinking formulas make customizing your own foundation shades easy. I've been a fan of the Custom Cover Drops ($44) since I saw how insanely radiant my skin looked when I added a few drops to my liquid-based skincare products to match my complexion. On the heels of the success of its Power Play Foundation (available in 40 shades), which launched at the beginning of this year, the brand recently announced its latest launch: Power Play Concealer, available in 30 shades. 

This long-lasting formula has a creamy, buildable consistency that stays true to its creaseless powers for hours. The healthy formula is so clean, you can rest assured your skin is taken care of with its pollution-defense ingredients that combat environmental stressors. It's also made of niacinamide, which diminishes the look of dark circles, and a bark extract, which works to tighten and lift the skin to reduce puffiness. A concealer that doubles as an eye cream? We'll take it.

This morning, I gave it a whirl, and after a stressful day, my skin is still glowing without a line in sight. Magic. During the week, I'm not a heavy-foundation person. However, I'm still recovering from dark spots and love to use concealer to spot-treat for a no-makeup makeup look. Let me explain how I used three different concealers to create this glow-inducing look.