6 Things Even the Biggest Cover FX Fans Don't Know

Cover FX has made a name for itself as the complexion expert—for a full, fail-safe range of shade-matched coverage options, the beauty brand has become an industry go-to. With its global color palette carefully crafted to suit every skin tone—along with its color consistency across various formulations—Cover FX offers infallible foundation options to serve any complexion.

"If you can't find your shade, look to Cover FX," says the brand's chief chemist and co-founder, Victor Casale, who jokes that he would personally get angry with himself if someone couldn't find their shade. "We're about complexions and that's why we started," he noted when we caught up with him to learn about the brand's beginnings as well as what's next.

We were pleasantly surprised by Cover FX's unique coming about and the philanthropic origins that still shape the brand's mission to deliver high-quality, safe, effective products for its consumers. Keep scrolling to discover all the things you never knew about Cover FX.

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